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Standarta Review

Standarta is an investment project offering free cryptocurrency mining for everyone. Such a title at least catches attention, so we decided to consider the project in more detail and find out whether it is really possible to join the platform and just get cryptocurrency on your electronic wallet?

The official website of Standarta is located at this address – Visually, the site looks good, but if you don’t go into too much detail and do not pay attention to minor flaws like different font styles in the text, minor errors, and so on.

There is a roadmap on the Standarta homepage where steps are described that:

  • The company plans to collect 1 million participants;
  • Then, after 3-6 months, it is planned to start making payments;
  • Then, the withdrawal of the GCC token to the secondary market;
  • At the end of the Standarta roadmap, it is planned to issue plastic cards.

How Standarta Works

According to legend, Standarta is a free cryptocurrency mining community. Coin mining can be carried out in various ways: using cranes, due to the hardware power of a video card or processor, by using special software. The project promises to offer a new approach to mining.

Standarta is conducting Free Token Mining, which, according to the founders of the service, will become an effective alternative to ICO. At the moment, the company provides 11,000 tokens for free, and in the future they will become a world cryptocurrency and will cost a fortune – no less. You can contact the administration via email or through social networks. All full information about the project is in the ‘Documentation’ section. And we continue to review Standarta further.

Features of mining in the project

Immediately after registering on the website, users become full-fledged cryptocurrency miners. The project provides an opportunity to extract a promising asset without any investments. The participant will be able to mine two types of coins:

  • GCC – Standarta volatile coin for listing on the stock exchange
  • STD is a coin with constant purchasing power, which can only be exchanged for GCC coins inside the system at the rate of stabilization of purchasing power STD calculated by the system.

The nominal value of the cryptocurrency unit STD and GCC at the time of mining is $ 1. In order to stabilize STD, the capitalization ratio of GCC and STD coins in the system is maintained at 10/1, so each user will be able to mine 11,000 coins – 10,000 GCC and 1000 STD, as well as referral program bonuses. According to the rules of the Standarta community, each miner can leave only one application for free cryptocurrency mining. For attempts to create a second account, the administration of the service may block your account.

Earnings in the project

To earn Standarta, you need to get as many coins as possible. Upon reaching 1 million participants, cryptocurrency will appear on the secondary market, and then it can be sold at $ 1 per unit. You also can not wait until all these stages are completed. Another way to earn money is by participating in an affiliate program. Invite new users, help them register, verify, and get extra profit for this 275 or 550 coins per invitee.

Prospects for the development of Standarta

Standarta in theory is a profitable project, but will it be possible to implement all that we have considered in the roadmap? Cryptocurrency is a rather unstable thing, so it’s hard to predict how the market will behave, and will the coin become so popular that everyone wants to buy it? As you can see, there are more questions than answers. Therefore, we will continue to monitor the development of Standarta and keep you updated with all the news!

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