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The lifespan of an average investment project is 4-6 months. It is all the more interesting to note that has been in existence for the fifth year. And it is absolutely unbelievable that at this time mark the site faithfully pays investors, fulfilling duties in accordance with the rules established in the regulations.

History of

Naturally, the word “bank” caressing is added to the brand for beauty. Solid Trade Bank is a classic investment project that does not deal with banking activities in the classical sense of the word. Moreover, the main page of the site reports that itself invests, including in banking institutions, though only on a par with other areas of speculative investment:

  • Construction and development;
  • Raw material extraction and processing;
  • Real sector and industry;
  • Classic forex trading.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to verify this information. The project fully justifies the definition of “guerrilla”: it does not bother much in terms of creating any plausible “legend”, it does not provide any reliable information about the identities of the project management, and it does not report on other means received from investors In words – competently ‘partisan’.

The SolidTradeBank portal itself is an elementary Gold Coders script with replaced standard infographics and a small amount of information. Only the section with the possibilities of replenishing the deposit is pleasing with diversity. And this is another reason to be surprised: with such, to put it mildly, modest presentation characteristics, has enough positive reviews that cannot be explained by the fund administration’s desire to make money quickly. The income from the project’s referral program is modest, but measured for the current position of the platform.

Monitors on which the project has been noted for a long time, almost immediately after the appearance, clearly determine the status of ‘pays’. Fresh screenshots with evidence of withdrawal appear gradually, and evidence of the opposite could not be found.

Perhaps it is precisely this modesty that explains the many years of guerrilla position of the portal. And since the project does not demonstrate any intention to change the policy, we have a great opportunity to earn at a moderate pace. This gives reason to look at the conditions of investment a little more carefully.

After the general characterization of the project, we will start the review of the marketing plan, and justifies the current impression of a systematic campaign for a long-term work. The only cooperation program and one level of affiliate referral program.

Specialists refer such hype organizations to the group of middlemen, that is, projects with average profitability and the same level of risk, although investor reviews are trying to challenge even this characteristic. The profitability of SolidTradeBank is closer to the minimum, although some features of the marketing plan are pleasantly surprising.

 Investment Terms:

  • Minimum deposit amount – $ 25;
  • Minimum term – 20 calendar days;
  • Withdrawal amount – from $ 0.1;
  • Yield – 7% accrued on business days (for a period of 20 days);
  • Deposit withdrawal occurs at the end of the term.

If you calculate the real interest rate of the project, it turns out a little more than 0.5% per working day. Indeed, slightly lower than for middlemen, but also above the lower rate. And this moment, again, explains the solidity of SolidTradeBank: the transcendental return would quickly lead to disastrous consequences, and the target audience of the “bank” is special. In combination with the insurance program, which, unfortunately, is little known, the conditions of the bank seem reliable and stable. Bottom line: those who confidently declare their non-involvement in HYIP projects carry money to the bank, providing opportunities for withdrawals to those who have come earlier. Interesting move? Undoubtedly. The admin is in no hurry to invest in advertising and PR. Meanwhile, both the bank and depositors receive their commissions.

Extra income, as is customary in any hyip-project, is an affiliate referral program. And in this matter has not changed itself. The prospect of receiving 1% of the first (and so far the only one for this fund) line of invitees is quite pleasant (in addition, as conditions develop, conditions may change and profitability will become more attractive). Some bloggers, albeit in the background, have put this site on the list of their referral programs. But she doesn’t hit the general budget of the project so much as to wash out the general cash desk.

Connection to the investment program

As already mentioned, is the simplest script. And even taking into account the lack of Russian-language translation of pages, it can be safely recommended not to own others. Everything is elementary and intuitive. Registration Process

For registration, a simple questionnaire is offered. Fields are filled in English, but the ability to open a page with autotranscription will save you from inconvenience. However, the site itself can be viewed through the auto-translator.

The registration procedure itself takes one minute: to register, that is, to create a personal account on this resource, you will have to fill out a questionnaire. In addition to personal data, it provides fields for payment details, which is natural.

Indicate required:

  • Full name;
  • Conditional personal login;
  • Invented password (twice);
  • One of Payeer or Perfect Money billing addresses (or both).
  • Email address (twice);
  • Secret question and answer to restore a lost account;
  • Be sure to check upline, it should be written ‘vkoshelek_com’;
  • Then check the box to agree to the rules and complete the registration.

In fact, only Payeer or Perfectmoney are the project partners at this stage of development. There are no other ways to deposit money and withdraw profit from hype. If you don’t know how to replenish your wallet in the payment system, use the exchange offices where you can easily exchange one currency for another, thereby replenishing the balance of any of your wallet.

 Investing in Solid Trade Bank

After confirming the email address, you can proceed to work in your personal account. The account replenishment button is the highest in the short list. The rest of the options are standard.

  • History of incoming and outgoing operations;
  • Viewing referral structure and links;
  • Withdrawal order;
  • Logout

To replenish your account and become an investor in SolidTradeBank, you need to click ‘Make Deposit’ and in the menu that opens, specify the amount and wallet. Pressing the ‘Spend’ button confirms acceptance of the terms of the deposit. It remains only to confirm the operation in the payment system.

The main parameters of the project

  • Established: 2013
  • Site language: so far only English.
  • Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer.
  • Minimum deposit: $ 25, maximum – $ 1,000,000.
  • Minimum withdrawal: $ 0.1
  • Payments are made manually within 48 hours.
  • Affiliate program: 1% of the amount of investments of the attracted investor.

Earnings prospects with Solid Trade Bank

Considering the prospects of investing in, you need to clearly be aware that this is a hype project, no matter how it presents itself. The deposit insurance, which is mentioned on the start page, is nothing more than a hint of a breakdown of money into many baskets. To take this line as a promise of a guaranteed return, as provided for by banks, is not worth it. But on this unpleasant moments end:

  • pays, it has to be admitted, otherwise the forums would have been inundated with proofs with refusals.
  • There are no signs of violation of the program conditions, the dynamics of the monitors show stable popularization.
  • The actions of the administration at the moment do not cause distrust.

The conclusion can be made simple: as a low-income company and a basket for risk diversification, this brand can be considered in the near future, naturally, taking profits as often as possible and without getting carried away, letting everything go by its own accord.

Do not forget to diversify your investments, select other projects from the list of the best high-yield programs.

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