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About Smart Trade Coin

The Smart Trade Coin project is a rather interesting investment project from the foreign administration with the official website He offers to earn on cryptocurrencies, in particular, on classical trading in markets, arbitrage transactions. The company also has SMART TRADE COIN WORLD – a product for training cryptocurrency trading.

In principle, Smart Trade Coin is a very well-prepared project, the device of which occupies an intermediate position between investing in cryptocurrencies and an MLM project.

Details about the company can be found on the official website of Smart Trade Coin at, and in this review we will briefly consider the following issues:

  • Is it worth cooperating with Smart Trade Coin?
  • And is it possible for an ordinary person to make money in Smart Trade?

Smart Trade offers several very real products.

  • Firstly, it is a cryptocurrency exchange scanner that finds the difference in the price of cryptocurrencies on different exchanges.
  • Secondly, your own Smart Trade Coin token, for which you buy this scanner
  •  Thirdly, automatic earnings using Smart AutoPilot

All this is complemented by a completely high-quality description, numerous webinars and a constantly evolving platform.

I will not describe the marketing plan in detail, since it periodically changes and is in the Smart Trade Coin account, I’ll just say that there is an opportunity to earn on direct sales and building a binary structure.

Advantages of Smart Trade Coin

The advantages of Smart Trade Coin include the presence of a professional team of software developers and no less professional team involved in the promotion of the project. To this can be added the foreign leadership and the absence of a fixed percentage of profit.

That is, Smart Trade Coin has a quite working product, MLM partner reward system and professional organizers. All this leads to an increase in popularity.

Disadvantages of Smart Trade Coin

Actually, the company has only 1 drawback – there is a very high probability that you cannot make money, but only lose money. That is why the cryptocurrency exchange scanner is not used quietly by the organizers of Smart Trade Coin, but is sold through MLM.

Here it is important to explain one nuance. Arbitration on cryptocurrency exchanges in itself is a phenomenon that requires high trading skills and if you just buy where it is cheap and sell where it is expensive, then during a trend and a rapid increase or decrease in price you will work at a loss.

That is, it is very likely that without the talents of the trader you will not be able to regularly earn on arbitration. And if you want to earn on the purchase and further sale of Smart Trade tokens at a better price, then you are more likely to earn on investment projects, for example, Roy Club Prizm, Superkopilka, etc.

Prospects for Smart Trade Coin

At the end of the review about Smart Trade Coin, let’s talk about the prospects. During the operation of this site, I saw at least a couple of dozen online MLM companies that had useless products, but nonetheless became popular.

I assume that this will happen with Smart Trade Coin, and the growth that we are seeing now will continue in the coming months and even years.

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