Smaato Affiliate Program Review


Smaato – General information is an advertising publishing platform for mobile traffic, operating since 2014. Platform tools help create productive advertising campaigns for mobile applications and monetize traffic for webmasters.


• RTB exchange;
• Dashboard;
• Smaato Exchange;
• Reporting;
• Networks;
• Inventory;
• Fast APP generation.
• Direct.

How to earn

The platform offers webmasters to monetize their traffic by promoting offers.

Most Popular:

• EasyTouch Classic;
• WhatsApp Messenger;
• UC Browser;
• Game of War – Fire Age.

The system has more than 400 permanent offers and 9000 advertisers. Traffic in most cases is foreign. The minimum price per 1000 clicks is $ 1. With good eCPM – $ 5.

The system has many different tools, for example, SPX helps to monetize traffic, combining all the necessary functionality in one shell. The application is available on Iphone and smartphones running Windows 10.

Complete the standard registration at Watch the intro video. Configure statistics display options.
Add your application that you want to advertise or the site – the source of traffic.
It is possible to create your own mobile site or application using the tools of the mobile platform.

Webmasters and advertisers can create APPs to promote their mobile applications and receive traffic. To create a new APP, just select the appropriate section in the Smaato Exchange menu. Then select the type of OC, specify the link, name, category. And other data: size, format, position.

By creating an APP, you can track statistics. If desired, all data is uploaded to Excel.
More information can be obtained in the Smart-wiki, integrated into the site.
The platform allows you to work with video content and banners to promote your projects.
VAST video ad formats: post-roll, pre-roll, mid-roll, linear, full-screen.


• Own video player;
• Good performance eCPMS;
• Online analytics;
• Full support for iOS and Android;
• Two formats: 3GP, MG4;
• Integrates with API and SDK.

• Native advertising;
• Interactive banner – requires user interaction;
• Standard ad units.

The minimum impressions rate in the system is $ 0.01 per click. Price depends on targeting, type of advertising, OC, and competition in the subject.

Withdraw funds

There is no affiliate program. The withdrawal of funds to a bank card or by bank transfer after the end of the hold – depends on the offer. There is no minimum amount.


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