Six airdrop projects that will help earn start-up capital in the crypto industry


Airdrop projects

Airdrop, the method of distributing coins into wallets, is still one of the best ways to earn seed money in the cryptocurrency industry. Performing simple tasks from several social networks will help to put together a small initial capital with minimal effort. We present to your attention six existing airdrop projects that may bring you some success.


The Aerum project is an ethereum-compatible platform that addresses scalability issues. Its main goal is to contribute to the development of B2B and B2C applications through practical infrastructures. Participants in this airdrop will receive tokens worth up to $ 18 for performing several tasks.


Some users are most likely familiar with the Rewards project, as this is their second airdrop. This new blockchain market with loyalty programs that will allow customers to earn and redeem cryptocurrencies instead of the usual bonus points. Users receive tokens worth $ 11.4 for completing several tasks. When registering an account, be sure to use the AIRDROP promo code to receive tokens.

Miracle tele

This is another project that runs its second airdrop. Miracle Tele is a virtual mobile operator (MVNO), which offers all-in-one SIM cards with the lowest calls and data rates. Airdrop members can get tokens worth about $ 13 by registering on the site and participating in this campaign.


It seems that the number of companies conducting multiple airdrops is growing. The Rubiix protocol allows you to remove user data brokers and distribute advertising revenue among consumers who provide this data; This is done using smart contracts. Airdrop companies rewards users with approximately $ 10 in tokens. They also have their own mobile application.


SureRemit targets immigrants wishing to access digital shopping vouchers that can be spent by anyone. Such vouchers can also be spent on utility bills or buy mobile traffic. Airdrop members can receive $ 5 tokens through a special airdrop page and Latoken account.


The HYDRO project intends to build a next-generation transport layer protocol for hybrid decentralized exchanges using integrated liquidity pools (FLP). Airdrop companies will daily reward users with a different number of tokens, and this requires only a minimum of participation.


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