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Selentrade – a promising cloud mining resource

SelenTrade cloud mining is a service with a guaranteed income of 150% for the purchased contract. You do not need to monitor the market, choose profitable coins, pay for electricity for mining, we take care of all this and give you the net income from the purchased contract. The nominal value of one contract is 1 megahash according to X11 protocol. Payment for the contract is made at SelenCoin at the current rate (you can purchase it in your account).

 How it works

You get the necessary number of contracts. Every day you begin to receive accruals in the amount of 70% of the total production per share. The remaining 30% is spent on mining support. Charges continue until their total amount reaches 150% of the contract value. After full payment under the contract, it is closed and considered fulfilled.

If you want to accumulate capacity, you can turn on reinvestment mode and contracts will be bought automatically as soon as enough money is accumulated on the internal balance for the purchase.

Thus, by purchasing a SelenTrade cloud mining contract, you are guaranteed to receive income, despite any market fluctuations and mining difficulties.

System features

SelenTrade offers customers the following features:

  1. Online wallets – are used to make payments, transfer funds to an account in the service, exchange currencies. The following types of digital money are supported: SelenCoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, DashCoin, Litecoin. This gives customers room to maneuver when working with any cryptocurrency.
  2. Cloud mining – earning cryptocurrency without using your own technical means, by the method of buying contracts. SelenCoin is used to pay for the contract.
  3. Marketplace – the whole range of opportunities for the sale, purchase and exchange of various cryptocurrencies is offered.
  4. Exchange office – a quick exchange of funds inside the service at current rates.

At the moment, the system offers favorable conditions for partner investment in the development of the project. Investors are promised a refund of 150% of the volume of investments. In this case, the return period is 1 year.

This proposal may be interesting for investors who are looking for fresh and relevant projects that are rapidly gaining popularity.

Currency used

SelenCoin is the cryptocurrency used to make payments within the SelenTrade resource. The possibility of cloud mining coins SelenCoin.

A distinctive feature is the method of receipt, which consists in the fact that coins are credited automatically with a positive wallet balance.

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