Seasonality in HYIP projects


Seasonality in HYIP projects

Seasonality factor is important in any business field. Even in the field of hype investment, this factor cannot be ruled out. Moreover, it is he who directly affects your profit. What are the best seasons to invest in hype?

Activity peak

Over the years, a significant trend has been observed in the field of hype investments – all projects are starting to gain momentum, and participants are actively investing. This is due to several factors. Firstly, everyone is returning from vacation. Both project owners, full of ideas about the modernization of their own HYIPs, and investors who want to earn money (apparently, after a stormy vacation).

Traditionally, every fall, a huge number of various new projects open – from one-day scams to low-income and stable hype-partisans. During this period, you can invest in a fairly good project and get a significant profit. The main thing is to correctly analyze each project.

New Year mood

Winter. At this time of the year, bears traditionally hibernate. A similar situation is happening in the investment sector. Only if the bears wake up after such a rest, then hype, as a rule, no. It is in the winter season that there is a special concentration of hype projects, the main task of which, apparently, is to raise money for a good winter holiday and numerous gifts. If you come across a new project offering stunning New Year bonuses, do not even consider this option as an investment hype. It is worth noting that by the New Year most of the projects that opened in the fall are closing. However, there are frequent cases when really high-quality hype (especially low-profit) easily survive this period, delighting its investors.


Like snowdrops, which begin to bloom after a long winter, hype projects also begin to ‘stick their heads out’. Statistics show that in the spring season there is an active demand for medium-income highs. Admins, in turn, are happy to satisfy this demand. As summer approaches, the activity begins to decline – therefore, before the summer, it is recommended to check in advance all the projects in which you take part again.


Everyone has traditionally been associated with summer vacations. Who wants to invest, and even more so analyze numerous hype projects? At this time, many hyps are closing, which, it would seem, should still work. The reason is simple: they simply do not have enough new financial injections. Nevertheless, as in other times of the year, there are stable working hyps with which you can get a good profit.

When to invest

Despite the main signs of work at one time or another time of the year, there are hyps that work perfectly throughout the year. Therefore, the factor for the right choice, to a greater extent, is not seasonality, but a thorough analysis of the project. Long-term projects are in no hurry to spin up quickly at any time of the year. They consistently demonstrate good performance and timely payments to participants. When choosing a hype project for investment, you should initially focus on the analysis criteria, and only then on seasonality.

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