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Bitcoin project Miner review

This review is addressed first to beginners in the field of earning on mining, but it can also be useful for experienced Internet users who already have experience in earning on cryptocurrency mining. Cloud mining has been seen in the cloud mining business since the beginning of 2014 and has positive reviews, and for those who want to find money on the Internet this is an important indicator. You can say this mining service is not a newbie. In December 2014, as usual, I explored different options for where to invest with acceptable risks and earn big money. I came across a seemingly inconspicuous website At that time, I had already managed to make good money on Cointellect mining, which, unfortunately, in February 2015, I became aware of the drop in the bitcoin rate. But at the time of the decision to invest in, the reviews were extremely positive, I was full of optimism and was not afraid to entrust my money to them. As it turned out, this decision was correct. Investments have long been returned with interest and withdrawn, and part of the profits spinning and then reinvested in this mining company. Having made the decision to invest in mining in this company, I bought 2.5 VTS capacities. My existing experience of earning on the Internet in cryptocurrency mining gave good prerequisites for earning and I was not mistaken. In less than 3 months he returned the invested money (although the self-sufficiency period was reduced by reinvestment, which added profitability). Now, some time after the successful return of the investment and without seeing any signs of instability in the work of, I decided to define this mining as reliable, and I always recommend only paying and reliable projects in which I invested and returned the investment. Cloud mining I would classify as fairly reliable projects in the ‘profit / risk’ ratio. That is why I decided to share with readers my findings and considerations that convinced me to invest in mining cryptocurrencies, which can be valuable information, puzzled where to find money on the Internet at home.
So, I always start the study of investing on the Internet with an analysis of the company’s website. The website was registered on January 16, 2014 and is supported by a hosting provider located in Brazil, which is not so important. This company does not let know anything more about itself, technologies and competitive advantages. But, frankly, it is more important for me as an investor to get a good profit than to know what activities or technologies provide such a high profitability. But, to be honest, I suppose that is mining alternative cryptocurrencies, the mining of which is much more profitable in a rapidly growing market compared to the already untwisted and expensive mining of bitcoins (BTC), lightcoins (LTC) or pre-coins (DOGE).
The website does not stand out in anything special, but in details you can see the efforts of the creators of the mining service to be convenient and flexible for their client service. This is a convenient profitability calculator, and a rating of the 20 largest customers in terms of the number of purchased capacities (to assess what amounts investors invest), and the calculation of mining profit every 10 minutes. All this is not so fundamentally necessary, but sometimes it is useful and very adds a positive attitude to On the company’s website there is very little information about how they work, the FAQ contains no more than a dozen questions and answers. Capacities are sold and bought in the TRADE section, which makes this service similar to cryptocurrency exchangers like the popular EXMO cryptocurrency exchange. Essentially, is a mining pool. The cost of capacities is simply ridiculous from 0.0001 bitcoin (BTC) for 1 kH / s of capacities, which is very convenient if you want to first check this service for integrity, buying capacities for a small amount of money, and making sure of its integrity, invest a more substantial amount of funds. That’s what I did.
Deposit and withdrawal of money is possible in bitcoins. Money input is made by purchasing capacities, withdrawal in the same way. For I / O, of course, you need a Bitcoin wallet. The basis for calculating your part of the profit is the purchased mining power.

If you decide for any reason to sell all or part of the capacity, it is extremely simple. Put up an application for the required number of capacities, set the rate at which you are ready to sell capacities, enter a PIN code to confirm the operation (the PIN code is created during registration and it is no longer necessary to change it each time). Crediting money to the balance (ADD FUNDS) in and withdrawing bitcoin (WITHDRAW) to the wallet usually does not take much time, and it is very nice that you do not need to pay a commission for buying / selling capacities. Thus, the term is limited only by the term of ownership of capacities, in fact the term is eternal and unlimited. In fact, on the Internet, there are very few reliable mining companies that give good profitability and the opportunity to withdraw their investments ahead of schedule, and the vast majority of them have already come down last year and early this year. And an additional advantage of is the ability to enable the option of automatic purchase from the profit of new capacities, which significantly increases profitability. To do this, in the SETTINGS section you just need to find AUTO INVEST instead of Disabled, select Enabled and you get a highly profitable business machine that does not require constant intervention.
The return on investment in is from 25% per month, for March 2015 I got a return of 56.1% per month, which ensures reinvestment. Referral income will also increase in profitability. I draw your attention to the fact that referral income is calculated not from the amount of funds introduced by referrals, but from the amount of funds earned by the referral, which adds to the trust and profitability of investing in
In general, investing in looks very profitable. Even the basic profitability of 25% is much higher than the average market in cloud mining. Many will think, “A familiar situation. Potential scam. \” On the one hand, these concerns are well founded. 70% of mining companies with such signs turn out to be a scam and, after not having survived even a month, they close (stop payments). And the remaining 30% usually work for more than 3 months and provide an opportunity to return the money invested and make good money. Back to As a result, I can recommend this cloud mining service as reliable.
After I studied the information from the forums about investor impressions of from the forums, examined for negative data in the spirit of individual offended investors, or mass non-payments and specialized portals about mining sites and cryptocurrencies (the English and Russian-speaking segment of the Internet) confirmed that Scrypt. cc works fine and does not delay payments to its customers, scam here by all indications did not take place.
For the sake of clarity, I recently put a daily income on the withdrawal, instead of the usual reinvest I put on the withdrawal and in 5 minutes I received it on my wallet in the blockchain.

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