Scam of a HYIP project – what is it and its signs


Scam – HYIP project

When investing in various hypes, you should always remember that in any project there comes a moment of scam. Scam is a hype project that stops paying investors for certain reasons.

Scam can be recognized in advance, but this helps only in rare cases. As a rule, not all projects can withdraw their funds at any time. Yes, and if the admin hypa decides on a scam, then it is unlikely that you will be able to withdraw a large amount. So, by what signs can you determine that the project will soon stop paying?

Generous Owners Plan

Hip admins are fiction. Often a certain plan is used, which allows not only to chamfer the project, but also to make good money before closing it.

Suppose, for 1-2 months, the hype worked according to the usual investment plans. And then suddenly in one day the project announces a sharp increase in interest rates and profitability. Naturally, such rates attract investors, and everyone is eager to invest money to get the maximum profit. After a sharp increase, the hype works for 1-2 days, after which it closes safely, without paying funds to depositors. Oddly enough, such a plan appeared a very long time ago and is still working.

Advertising is everywhere

Analyzing advertising reviews of a particular hype, you can pay attention to a sharp increase in advertising presence – the project admin decided to buy up literally all the advertising spots on the thematic platforms. In most cases, this is the main sign of imminent scam. On the other hand, such an analysis is one of the few ways in which you can still manage to withdraw your funds.

Can I have your documents

Some hype resort to another tricky way – the introduction of mandatory verification. As soon as you want to withdraw your funds, they immediately announce that you need to send copies of documents to confirm your identity (for example, a copy of your passport, communal apartment and others). Under such circumstances, there is a possibility that in this way the administrator is spending time trying to collect the maximum amount of money before the scam.

Out of range

Have you decided to ask a question to the project support service, but have not been answered for a long time? Well, this is another sign of the imminent onset of skip hype. You can try to contact online consultants, send endless letters of support or even call, but the result will be the same – no one will answer you. In this case, it remains to expect the scam of the project.

New withdrawal rules

Periodically, a situation occurs when a hype dramatically changes its own rules and updates the withdrawal rules. Suppose that earlier the withdrawal was carried out within a day, but after the update this period increased to five days. In this case, it is also worth thinking about the imminent closure of the hype.

Fictitious reasons

You, anticipating a quick profit, are going to withdraw your funds from the project, but here they announce to you that the account is blocked due to the presence of multi-accounts (creating multiple accounts from one computer / IP address, etc.). Here everything immediately becomes clear. Unfortunately, when such charges are brought against you, the maximum you can do is leave negative feedback about hype on the thematic forums and review sites.

Of course, there are cases when the above traits are some problems in the development of the project and do not indicate scam, but statistics show that if you have these signs, you should pay special attention to the project.

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