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HYIP security basics

In hype – the area in which we work with money, you need to pay special attention to security. In this article I will talk about the basics of security in hypes. Unfortunately, many people begin to think about security when an account theft or theft of funds from an electronic wallet has already occurred. If you do not want to repeat their mistakes, take note of the following recommendations.


Email is the key that opens all doors. Hacking mail, an attacker gets literally anywhere: projects, social networks, payment systems …
You need to get at least 2 mails:

  • The first for correspondence and projects. It will be public, it will be seen by a higher partner and referrals, in some projects the mail is inserted into the referral link and it is visible to everyone in general. This mail will go by default a lot of spam, because After the project is closed, the admin sells the e-mail database to spammers.
  • The second mail is only for payment systems. No one should know this mail except yourself! On this e-mail you accept only PIN codes from payment systems.

You need to open mailboxes only on the correct mail – Gmail. Other services may block letters regarding earnings on the Internet, especially After registering mail, immediately go to the settings and enable confirmation by SMS during authorization, in gmail this is called two-step authentication. Thus, even if the attacker finds out the password, without your mobile phone in his hands he will not be able to access the mail.

General recommendations

Use long complex passwords, with numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. For example: S8KbQaX4fbvrP4X.

New project – new password, remember this rule. Hip project administrators often have access to passwords. And it is far from uncommon for cases when an unscrupulous admin, knowing your username, mail and password, tries to use this data in other hypes to withdraw your funds to your wallet. On different sites, passwords must be different!

Use additional protective equipment where possible. Do not neglect functions such as SMS and confirmation e-mail, code card, etc. – one day they can save your money.

Antivirus. Viruses can steal any data, and passwords are their favorite pastime. They can generally block access to the system and generally cause a lot of problems. Therefore, a licensed antivirus must be installed! And regularly updated. Which antivirus to install is everyone’s business; I personally have been using Kaspersky for many years and I am happy with its work.

If you picked up ads in a browser, or just want to check the browser for any nasty things, I recommend that you scan the computer with the utility from time to time.

Extensions in browsers. Cases of theft of money from payment systems after installing extensions in the browser have become more frequent. Such extensions are not recognized by antiviruses, fully perform their functions, convenient, useful … until the moment when a person logs into his payment system. A person does not have time to come to his senses, and in a matter of seconds, money for another wallet magically leaves his wallet. To prevent this from happening, do not install unverified extensions for your browsers, even if you downloaded them from seemingly reliable sources. I recommend right now to review the list of extensions in the browser and leave only checked and necessary.

Your computer is your wallet, which means everyone should not have access to it. Only go to your mail, projects and payment systems from your personal devices.

Be carefull. Do not fall for scam tricks when a letter arrives in the mail in the style of:
‘We are technical support workers of such and such mail / payment system, there are malfunctions in the system and you need to confirm your data.’
In this case, the letter may contain the domain header of this payment. In fact, in the “From” field you can specify the domain of even the president himself – programs allow 🙂

Letters may come from supposedly projects with similar content:
“We are announcing a new promotion. Replenish our Perfect Money wallet, such and such number, for an amount of $ 1 or more and get + 200% of the payment amount to your balance in the project. ”
Ignore these emails! These are scammers trying to breed you for money. First of all, because they ask to replenish some wallet, and not go to the official website. And secondly, an adequate admin will never launch such an action, because This will lead to panic and scam. Remember: you can replenish the balance only through the personal account of the project!

And after the scam of a large project, you may receive such messages:
– Fraudsters: We recover losses from such a hype, we hacked his wallet. Indicate the deposit amount and we will return it to you.
– You: $ 500.
– Fraudsters: You are lucky, we can transfer this amount to you, but to confirm your wallet, transfer us $ 50, and we will return them to you along with $ 500.

Even before the official scam, admins first of all withdraw all money from the project wallet. If someone theoretically and can hack something, then he will find there only a bagel. And if by some incredible miracle it turns out that there was money left – no one will return it to anyone, but leave it for himself.

You cannot write about all the existing tricks of fraudsters – new ones constantly appear. Therefore, just be careful – most of their letters are devoid of any logic, such as a share + 200% or return deposits.

Copy and encrypt important information. Anything can happen and lose data that is on only one medium – very simple. Therefore, you need to have 2 flash drives on hand where you will copy important files.

And in order to guarantee that no one except you can open these files, they can be encrypted with AxCrypt. On the site, select the version for your system, download and install. The encryption process is simple: right-click on the desired file, select “AxCrypt” – “Encrypt”. We enter the password 2 times, do not touch anything else and click “OK”. Now without entering a password, the file cannot be opened.
You don’t need to encrypt everything in a row – only really important files (keys, passwords, code cards from payment systems, etc.), otherwise you will quickly get tired of driving in a password every time you open the file. If encryption is no longer needed, just right-click on the file: “AxCrypt” – “Decrypt”, enter your password and the file returns to its original form.

Bookmarks in browsers. Fraudsters like to fake project sites and by any means achieve that you clicked on such a link. Example: a person writes that he registered for you in the project, asks to see if he got into your structure and drops the link to the fake site. When you click on such a link and enter the login password, this data is sent to the attacker. Then he goes to the real site of the project, gets into your personal account and withdraws money to his wallet. To prevent this from happening, I advise you to save all projects and payment systems in browser bookmarks and go only by bookmarks.

That’s all. If you adhere to these rules, then your personal data and money will be safe!

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