Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) – cryptocurrency review


Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX)

Safe Exchange is a marketplace that allows its users to buy and sell goods and services using a full set of anonymous systems that interact with the blockchain.

SAFEX cryptocurrency is a digital token that is part of the Safe Exchange Coin development platform. The goal of the project developers is to create a fully decentralized, as well as protected from hacking and fraud trading platform.

What is a Chille Blockchain

Chille Blockchain is a blockchain on which the exchange of goods and services will actually be carried out. Chille Blockchain will have a cryptocurrency with proof of operability: at the launch of the Chille Blockchain, 0.5% of the money supply of Chille will be paid to the holders of Safe Exchange Coin.

What is the difference between a Safe Exchange coin and a Chille coin?

Safe Exchange coins are your shares in the Safe Exchange organization, while Chille coins are the currency that will be used to exchange goods and services.

What is the advantage of storing SafeExchange coins

Owning secure currency coins makes you part of a decentralized organization. They are cryptocurrencies that offer a number of advantages over other types of assets:

  • They are used when voting on decisions.
  • Can be easily traded and exchanged.
  • Enable Real-Time Dividend
  • They are limited and safe from inflation.
  • At the launch of the Chille Blockchain, 0.5% of the money supply of Chille will be paid to Safe
  • Exchange Coin holders.


In December 2017, the procedure of delisting (withdrawing currency from the trading process) of SAFEX tokens on the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange was carried out. Following the example of Bittrex, the Cryptopia exchange followed. It is, of course, worth considering that the exchangers carry out the delisting procedure without objective reasons. But in the described situations, the withdrawal of currency from the auction was carried out due to the prohibited manipulations with the price of tokens. And the problem is that at least 85% of all trades related to Safe Exchange Coin took place on the mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges.

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