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Rtbsystem Ad Network Overview

Rtbsystem.com – automatic advertising management exchange operating since 2015. Real Time Bidding (RTB) teaser network technology helps sell and buy traffic efficiently. Webmaster can make fine-tuning based on analytics data.


• Generator of informers and banners;
• Intelligent advertising search system;
• Targeting settings: gender, age, geo, browser, screen resolution;
• Sharing impressions;
• Detailed statistics: user clicks, clicks, conversion, site viewing time.

The system scans ad networks and visitor requests. The partner receives up-to-date information about the most advantageous offers of advertising networks and detailed data about visitors to their sites: clicks, time spent on the site, gender, age, etc. The webmaster decides on the format of advertising and the minimum cost per click, the rest of the work is performed by the system.

 Register at Rtbsystem.com

Enter your data, wait for the letter from the system, enter your personal account.
Edit your profile by entering your billing information. On the main page you can view statistics. Selecting the Sites tab, add your sites.

By adding a site, you can start creating a teaser advertisement by selecting the “Informers” tab for this.
Select the following options: photo, price, text, title, links, enter the name of the informer, the address of your site. You do not need to select pictures, enter text, come up with headings, etc. The system will do all this. You just choose how your widget will look like visually.

Next, select the type of informer: drum, rubber, footer, slide bar, popunder, flash banner, video informer. In total, more than 20 species.
Select a category, the number of blocks horizontally and vertically, width and height. Choose your language and theme. In the advanced options you can create a mobile version. Confirm your choice.

To create a bonus and exchange informer, you have to pick up a picture, come up with a title.
Indicate the ID of the already launched informer to which the traffic is pouring, indicate the advertising link (where to direct the traffic of another webmaster), the system generates a link for the redirect. Come up with a headline, insert your picture, select a language and geo-targeting.

Why do we need bonus and exchange informers?

The bonus informer gives you 20% (of your volume) of the free residual traffic of other webmasters. A gift from the system can be used to increase traffic to your site. This is a kind of replacement for the referral program for webmasters.
Exchange widget allows you to exchange residual traffic with other webmasters. You can advertise soy services, products or just increase traffic to your site.

Withdrawal of funds

Conclusion twice a month: on Friday of the first and last week of the month. The withdrawal is carried out on a WebMoney virtual wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 25.

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