Royal Ads: Affiliate Program Review and Reviews


ROYALADS – adult advertising exchange is an advertising network that works with popunder and skim (redirect) traffic. It started in 2015 and by the time of writing the review, it reached the millionth daily volume of impressions with a worldwide geographical coverage.

The minimum CPM bid for advertisers is $ 0.45. The final price for displaying ads is formed on an auction basis. The average CPM interval (for webmasters) can be seen at In general, it ranges from $ 1.2 to $ 12.

The statistical summary on the page reflects the current indicators for the total daily traffic volume, broken down by geographical sign and type (web or mobile).

Please note that the purchase for the RU zone is carried out in decent volumes, including for mobile devices at a higher price.

The average CPM level in this case is $ 1.5.

Advertising display is configured according to the following parameters:
– display type (pop-under or skim);
– level of trust (new, regular, trust);
– Landing type (9 options, among which there is a generalized, suggesting rotation);
– minimum bid level.

There is a 6% referral program. Link and statistics are in the ‘AFF. PROGRAM’ section.

How to start making money with the RoyalAds affiliate program

For registration, you will need full address information, phone number, skype login and valid e-mail.
Please note that the personal account is the same for both webmasters and advertisers.

After confirming the account, you must submit an application for connecting sites on which you intend to install advertising. This operation is performed in the ‘Site’ – ‘Add Site’ section.

Each added site undergoes a manual check, the results of which are displayed in the table of the ‘Sites’ section, in the ‘Status’ field.

After the site is accepted, you can begin to configure the advertising space. To go to the corresponding submenu, click on the ‘Add Ad Space’ icon.

At the same stage, a link is set for traffic-back, which is used to return traffic in cases of mismatch between advertising targeting and visitor. In statistics, such traffic is displayed in the Returned field, and, as can be seen from the screenshots of the real work, it is advisable not to neglect this feature.

After completing the setup of the advertising space, the affiliate code will become available (the Code / Url field in the table of the Sites section).
Statistics are available in the Statistic section and are updated at intervals of no more than 15 minutes.


The financial statements within the affiliate program are carried out in US dollars. In order for withdrawal of funds to become available, it is necessary to accumulate on the balance sheet an amount exceeding $ 50. The withdrawal schedule is arbitrary, upon prior request. There are no restrictions on the minimum amount.

The withdrawal occurs through payment systems PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney.

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