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What is a robot

Any beginner or experienced investor, constantly surfing the Internet in search of methods to increase their capital. Despite the fact that there are already excellent and working methods for generating income, you have to look for new ones, why so? The world does not stand still, progress is rapidly moving forward, replacing the familiar old with the innovative new. All these rules work in the investment market, you can’t get stuck in one thing, you need to constantly move forward and adapt to market innovations.

In this case, we will talk about robots that bring investor income by automatically trading on the Forex exchange. It follows that a robot for trading on the Forex exchange is a certain program that implements a certain algorithm aimed at increasing capital. The basis of this algorithm is the execution of automatic trading transactions for a trader using a pre-programmed trading system.

The results of trading robots are so amazing that this program has received worldwide recognition and is becoming popular every day. For example: “In 2000, 600 traders worked at the headquarters of investment giant Goldman Sachs, but by 2017 their number had dropped to two. The rest of the work is now done by automated exchange robots, which are served by 200 computer engineers. ”

Exchange robots for trading on the Forex market have long been used by both private investors and professional companies, and many reviews on the Internet prove this. But it is worth noting that the presence of a trading robot program alone does not guarantee stable profitable results. That is why this method of trading has both its admirers and opponents – traders who prefer to trade in the old fashion, manually.

It is not difficult to assume that experienced traders who have been giving themselves over to trading in the forex market for many years will be rather skeptical about transferring control of their forex account to a robot for automated trading. But at the same time, an understanding of the algorithm will bribe you to test it, because automated trading is, firstly, a reduction in decision time, which leads to successful transactions more often.

Beginners, having encountered the description of Forex robots and the results of the trading robot in the forums, are happy to test this trading method, since the lack of experience is more than compensated by the algorithm of the robot itself for exchange trading. Forex trading robot can correctly open and close trading orders at the right time, analyze the likely movement of the market, and also respond to negative dynamics faster than a person does.

To complete the picture, consider the pros and cons of Forex trading robots, then make your own conclusion about them and understand whether it is possible to earn money on Forex robots.

Pros of working with a robot

No emotions. No fear. A trading robot will not miss a single transaction on the exchange, despite any market correlations. It doesn’t matter to a trading robot, you have a million dollars in your account or just a hundred, it has no emotions, it doesn’t matter to him. This leads to complete composure and precise control. Forex trading robot follows the inherent algorithm all the time when it is running.

 Instant market analysis. Even if you are the most ingenious forex analyst and your reaction rate to market changes is instantaneous, the indicators of a trading robot will still bypass you by orders of magnitude and the fx trading robot will spend much less time for analysis and decision making. Because it is a computer program whose execution takes a split second.

Simultaneous trading on several instruments. Of course, you can open several monitors for each currency, analyze and trade, but still, you have to concentrate on one, and then still have time to open and close deals. At the same time, even a free forex trading robot does all this in parallel and instantly, without spending extra time.

Free time. The transition to automatic trading is an opportunity for a trader to stop sitting at the monitor and become freer. It only remains, with the help of mobile devices, to periodically monitor the operation of a profitable Forex robot, spending only a minute of its time on it. This is especially nice, with sharp jumps in the market in the evening or early in the morning, when any normal person just needs to relax.

Joint trade. The forex currency robot trades according to its predetermined algorithm and we do not interfere with it, but for example, a signal has arrived about the market movement, and we know for sure that you can make a good profit on this. The robot allows the trader to conduct his own separate trade and does not mix trader’s orders and his own in one pile.

Cons from working with a robot

News background in the market. Unfortunately, a robot on the stock market is not artificial intelligence, so that in addition to analysis, world news will also be taken into account for possible changes in the market. The trader here is more perceptive and savvy, surpassing the best exchange robot. Therefore, robot manufacturers periodically release updates to their products in order to take into account market changes in connection with the news background. But this, alas, happens after the fact.

Reverse market movement. Based on the algorithm and analysis, the forex robot fx opens new deals. But it happens that the market goes the other way and there is no explanation why it does this. It’s possible that some large account is being closed and it affects the course, perhaps some news not yet known to the world. If a trader immediately reacts, then the robot can continue to open transactions against the market, unprofitable. To do this, of course, they use trade monitoring on a mobile application to simply turn off the robot at any time and analyze the situation or consult with traders.

Many different robots are beautiful in theory and not very practical. A trader can describe very well the algorithm that he would like to automate, but a programmer can understand everything in his own way and do as he sees it. Therefore, you can buy a Forex trading robot on the market or download a lot of free exchange trading robots with various working strategies, but as practice shows, units really produce results. And if you use a robot, it’s not a fact that its algorithm is really calculated to the smallest detail, as described in theory, because even a novice programmer could write it, not understanding anything in trading on the market, and it does not matter whether the trading robot processes options, it will Binary or forex robot scalper.

Black box. To understand what the robot does on the Forex exchange and how it reacts to the market, there is usually an instruction on the algorithm. After studying it, there is an awareness of what exactly the robot does and what to expect from it. But it happens that the manufacturer hides this information, offering only promises of successful trading, while the price of such a trading forex robot can be very high. Although it is worth saying that free exchange robots do not always display this information. As a result, there is no understanding of whether the robot is behaving right now or not. There is no understanding when he went against the market and you need to pause or disable it. Therefore, before you buy a robot for Forex trading or download a stock robot for free, you need to make sure that it is fully open for the trader according to the algorithm and there is a description of the parameters, there are real reviews about the work of this exchange trading robot.


As we can see, a robot is really a very powerful tool for automating trading. A well-written and transparent algorithm, correctly transmitted by the trader and correctly understood by the programmer, a serious application for ousting live traders from the market and moving to automation on a global scale. However, you can’t put the robot to bid, and leave to rest yourself. Yes, the Forex trading robot can facilitate the routine work, but the trader should continue to analyze the market (albeit with less intensity), identifying its micro-changes and priorities. It is teamwork, a trader + forex robot program, that will give a guaranteed positive result. It is impossible to refute the fact that auto trading on the market with robots is a trend, and here you can really increase your capital. The main thing is to understand that working with a robot requires at least minimal training and growth in this area.

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