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The project is the brainchild of Roboton LTD. The company is registered in the UK and Australia, operates in the legislative field of jurisdictions of these countries. The main offices are in London and Sydney. According to information from the official website, the company specializes in robotics.

A few years ago, investors did not even consider this industry as an investment tool, but now the relevance of the direction is growing every day. If earlier robots were used only in industry, today the industry has reached a new level. Now robots are not just controlled machines, but new technologies, including the development of artificial intelligence. According to experts, investments in the robotics market bring huge dividends to both manufacturers and investors.

Roboton LTD is committed to creating robots that can communicate and interact with people offline or semi-autonomously. Thanks to investments, she has the opportunity to increase working capital and promote her developments in the global robotics market. The company has at its disposal production facilities, collaborates with developers of intelligent robots.

At the same time, attention is being paid to other promising areas of the industry – the development of military robots (drones), for entertainment and educational purposes.

 The company’s profit is generated due to the following factors:

  • Experienced specialists and an extensive network of cooperation with participants in the robotics market;
  • Thanks to deep analytics, the company’s experts are up to date on developments in the market and innovative scientific developments;
  • Strong relationships with specialized clients are established;
  • Wide market for manufactured products;
  • Thanks to work in several areas, production and logistics resources are effectively used.

The official website of is very seriously prepared. The developers have worked hard on a design that is fully consistent with the theme. The navigation is simple, there is a lot of information. Three language versions are still available: Russian, Vietnamese English. In the future – German, Japanese, Thai, Polish Chinese, Hindi. There are statistics on the site.

Integration with social networks is more than serious, this is noted in their reviews about Roboton by users. After all, it was from the public that people learned about the beginning of the development of the project and its start back in September 2019. Groups in social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • In contact with;
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Medium

The telegram bot is designed in the spirit of the project. It allows you to manage your account, gives access to your Personal Account. Also, the robot is equipped with the option of sending operational notifications on changes in statuses and limits, charges and withdrawals. With it, you can get information about partners, a referral link and check the saved addresses of payment details.

On the main page of there is a detailed video material about this program.

Contact with support service – through the feedback form on the project website. You can ask questions in groups of social networks.

Specifications of

  • Script – H-Script, unique design
  • Domain – NameCheap, Inc., 2019-09-04 – 2020-09-04 (registered for 1 year)
  • SSL Certificate – Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA
  • DDOS secured GUARD

 Investment conditions

Theoretically, offers three marketing plans, but so far only two are working. More details about each:

Medic 1%

  • Minimum deposit is $ 10;
  • Investment period – 11 days;
  • Deposit refund – at the end of the term;
  • Total income – 111%.

Scientist 4 – 8%

  • Minimum deposit is $ 50;
  • Investment period – 20 days;
  • Refund of deposit – included;
  • Total income – 120%;
  • Accruals from 1 to 4 weeks – 30% each.

 Rescuer 3 – 7%

  • Minimum deposit is $ 50;
  • Investment period – 30 days;
  • Refund of deposit – included;
  • Total income – 150%;
  • Accruals from 1 to 6 weeks – 25% each. rules only allow you to register one account from one IP address, but you can open unlimited deposits. This restriction applies to combat fraud. In case of violation of the conditions, the company blocks all accounts and freezes funds in the accounts without the possibility of their return.

Profit according to tariff plans is accrued daily. The processing of applications for withdrawal of funds occurs in manual mode with the regulations: within 48 hours from Monday to Friday. Applications are not processed on weekends and holidays, but they can be created any day. The first accrual is carried out 24 hours after the start of the deposit.

To replenish the balance, several payment systems are offered:

  • Perfect Money;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer
  • Plastic cards Master Card and VISA.

The list of will expand depending on the wishes of investors.

If the contribution is made through one payment system, then the withdrawal of funds must also be ordered for the same EPS. Reinvestment is available, there are no hidden fees. The minimum amount that can be ordered for withdrawal is $ 1 or 0.001 BTC, or 0.01 ETH, or 0.05 LTC. There are no restrictions on the maximum amount.

For a preliminary profit calculation, you can use the online calculator.
For those who are constantly engaged in investment in projects with the goal of making a profit, the payment systems provided are enough. Beginners are advised to use the largest monitoring BestChange. Thanks to this service, you can always find favorable terms for the exchange of fiat and cryptocurrency. Bestchenge monitors only proven and reliable resources. You can find out about each of them, the speed of payments, and other nuances in user reviews. Connect notifications so you don’t waste time analyzing courses. Just set the parameters, the system will notify that the conditions you need have appeared. affiliate program

The referral system is also thought out. There are several options for cooperation, and one of them does not require a mandatory deposit. You can simply invite new investors and get rewarded. Everyone can choose the optimal conditions, according to which additional income will be charged on the amount of the partners deposit:

  • For investors – a 3-level program with a yield of 5% / 2% / 1%;
  • For company representatives – a 4-level program with a yield of 7% / 2% / 1% 1%;
  • For VIP-clients – a 5-level program with a yield of 10% / 3% / 1% 1% 1%.

VIP clients are users of with a deposit of $ 2,000 or having reached an affiliate structure turnover of $ 15,000.

For everyone who is able to show leadership, the project provides a bonus. Active customers can participate in the Leadership Turnover program. This is the total investment of 1 line partners. Each time you reach a turnover of $ 5000, a reward is automatically given – opening a deposit of $ 200 on the Scientist tariff plan. The bonus is awarded an unlimited number of times.

 Registration, deposit, Personal account

The traditional first step is to register. Select the appropriate button on the first page and click.
In the form that opens, enter in order: login, email address, password twice. Click ‘Registration’.

The system transfers to the account page:

  • Balance;
  • Deposits
  • Earned;
  • Withdrawn;
  • Affiliate program;
  • Cryptocurrency courses;
  • List of operations – history;
  • Personal data for settings;
  • News.

On the left is the menu. Open, to start work, select the ‘Create Deposit’ section.
We choose an investment plan and a payment system. Enter the amount, click ‘Create Deposit’ at the very bottom of the page.

The system will send to the site of the payment system, where we carry out the standard payment operation. The money will be credited to the account immediately, the tariff plan has begun to work.

To collect the money earned, we find in the menu a button “Withdraw profit”.

Again, select the payment system (the same one with which the deposit was paid), indicate the amount, click ‘Withdraw profit’. After 48 hours, the money will be in your account.

Basic information about roboton

  • Fund Launch: 11/23/2019
  • Site languages: Russian, English, Vietnamese
  • Payment systems: Perfect Money, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Payeer, plastic cards Master Card and VISA.
  • Important: you can create one account from one person
  • Minimum investment: $ 1 (0.001BTC, 0.01ETH, 0.05LTC)
  • Maximum deposit: no limit
  • Affiliate program: Investor – 5% / 2% / 1%, Partner – 7% / 2% / 1% / 1%, VIP – 10% / 3% / 1% / 1% / 1%
  • Withdrawal of charges: applications are processed manually with a 48-hour schedule
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 1 $ / 0.001 BTC / 0.01 ETH / 0.05 LTC
  • My deposit: $ 500
  • Blog refback: 3.5%

Reviews about

The project is a calm average for stable earnings. The developers worked hard on the information and website design. Marketing is moderate and has a certain chip – the percentage of charges is tied to the days of the week.

In reviews, users point to smooth development as one of the benefits. So far, the site has not entered the active phase, but the promises of the developers are encouraging. The affiliate program is multi-level, this is also a plus. Many will be interested in the bonus accrued for the development of the referral structure ..

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