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TeachMeCash Review

TeachMeCash is a low-interest investment project in the arsenal of which there are 3 tariff plans with a 365-day duration and a yield of 90% for the entire investment period. The project started on September 6, 2019. In this review, we offer a more detailed look at all the options for earning on the platform.

The official TeachMeCash website, as you might guess, is located at this address – The main page provides complete information about the project, having studied which the investor can immediately get involved in the work. Three language versions of the site make the project international.

The technical part is as follows:

  • Unique design
  • Self-written script;
  • Hosting from Amazon Web Services (AWS);
  • Ddos protection from Amazon CloudFront;
  • SSL encryption from Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority G2.

What does the company do

Of course, in order to enable investors to earn money, a company must itself have sources of profit and conduct some kind of activity. So, on the TeachMeCash website they write that EdTech is one of the business trends in the rapidly developing global market, it is a business that so far does not have too much competition. The project allows to improve all educational processes, since according to forecasts, by 2024, market capitalization should grow to $ 1 trillion.

TeachMeCash is the EdTech information and analysis platform that allows you to learn and earn money. It was founded in April 2018 and is registered in Hong Kong. The platform provides all the necessary tools for successful sales.

In 2011, the concept of a unique analytical platform was born, and it also became a universal solution to these problems. People can receive a quality education and earn money at the same time. According to the administration, this concept has already become a real tool. The main goal of TeachMeCash is to provide every person on Earth with the opportunity to become educated, confident and financially competent.

 Investment program

Well, now for more on earnings in TeachMeCash. The project has the opportunity to purchase 3 different subscriptions: “Intention”, “Strategy” and “Ambition”, this is like an educational element, but also a tariff plan at the same time. Consider the example of one such tariff package.


  • Profitability: from $ 2.08 to $ 44.10 once in 2 weeks
  • Duration: 364 days
  • Deposit Amount: $ 200
  • Deposit: included in accruals
  • Break-even: 308 days (22 weeks)
  • Net profit: 90%

And this is how the accrual scheme in TeachMeCash by periods will look like (1 period – 14 days):

  • 1 period: accrual – $ 2.08, total income – $ 2.08;
  • 2 period: accrual – $ 2.46, total income – $ 4.54;
  • 3 period: accrual – $ 2.85, total income – $ 7.39;
  • 4 period: accrual – $ 3.24, total income – $ 10.63;
  • 5 period: accrual – $ 3.63, total income – $ 14.26;
  • 22 period: accrual – $ 31.16, total income – $ 223.01 (going to breakeven).

In total, TeachMeCash has 26 periods, in the last period the accrual will amount to 44.10 dollars, and the total income will be equal to 380 dollars. Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 50. Payments in the project are made instantly. Withdrawal commission: 3% Payment systems: Bitcoin. Affiliate program: ranking, from 10%.

Reviews about TeachMeCash and project development prospects

TeachMeCash seems to be designed for continuous work (or the administration wants us to think so). Of course, waiting for 44 weeks to break even is not the most pleasant thing that can happen to you in this life. Therefore, here you need to make an informed decision, is it worth the risk of your $ 200?

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