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Project Description Motherwallet

Mother Telegram Technology Wallet is a low-interest investment project with tariff plans for an investment period of 350 to 720 days and a yield of 0.95% to 1.59% on business days. The start of the project was August 21, 2019.

Even at the time of the launch of the project, many hype blogs immediately began to write reviews, but over time, the hype around the project abated. But the queries in the search engine – no. Therefore, in this article we will consider information about Mother Telegram Technology and how much can you earn with this project?

  • The official Motherwallet website is located at this link –
  • The preparation of the project is quite serious and there really is nothing to complain about, although this may only be such a first impression.
  • The website design is unique, there is a video presentation of the company.
  • Support is also available here in 15 language variations, according to investors, this indicates the serious intentions of the founders of the project.

Since mid-2018, Mother Telegram Technology LTD has been the manufacturer of its own cryptocurrency ATMs, which are currently being rented to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Production activities are carried out in Austria. To expand its business, increase the production of devices, increase competitiveness in the market and improve revenue indicators, the company began to attract investments.

On August 13, 2019, Motherwallet received registration in the UK under the number 12153045. The company also deals with arbitrage, trading, mining and has begun developing its own MTT token, created on the basis of the Telegram Open Network protocol.

 Investment conditions

Motherwallet offers to invest in any of the seven tariff plans, but many of them are available only with large investments, so we will consider the most optimal options:

  • Plan 1. Server EU1 with a yield of 0.9% to 1% on weekdays for 350 days. Min / max contribution: $ 10 – $ 300. The deposit is included in the payments. The expected return is 245% (21% per month). Breakeven after 112 business days.
  • Plan 2. Server EU2 from Motherwallet with a yield of 1% to 1.04% on weekdays for 400 days. Min / max contribution: $ 300 – $ 1000. The deposit is included in the payments. The expected return is 296% (22.2% per month). Breakeven after 100 working days.
  • Plan 3. Server UK1 with a yield of 1.05% to 1.12% on weekdays for 450 days. Min / max contribution: $ 1000 – $ 3000. The deposit is included in the payments. The expected return is 360% (24% per month). Breakeven after 96 working days.

Motherwallet plans are designed for both test deposits and serious deposits. In general, you can count on 21% of net profit per month. Manual payments with a schedule of up to 48 hours are more or less adequate conditions. The minimum withdrawal is 1 dollar. Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi, VISA / MasterCard, MIR, Maestro.

Reviews of Motherwallet

Marketing of Motherwallet is tied, according to legend, to the rental of cryptomats, where you buy shares and get from 21% to 35% per month for 1-2 years. In addition to a quality site, the site looks interesting, without exaggeration. Another plus is a personal bot in a telegram, which in addition to its multifunctionality is also a repository for cryptocurrency. Using a personal bot in a telegram, you can not only store BTC, but also trade or exchange coins, receiving additional income.

There are many laudatory reviews about Motherwallet on the Internet, but this does not affect the existing risks of losing your investments, so invest only free money, which is not a pity to lose, but the review ends here!

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