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LifeisGood Company

LifeisGood, better known as LifeisGood.Company (in honor of the official site), is an MLM-based company and offers 2 ways to earn money:

  • Investment. Profit about 24% per annum
  • Earnings on an affiliate program (percentage of the investment of your invited people). Partnership program details can be found in LifeisGood Company webinars on the official website and its presentations on YouTube

In this review about LifeisGood Company, we will tell you a little about the history of the company and answer the question – is it worth it to cooperate with it.

History of LifeisGood Company

A few years ago, when I first heard about LifeisGood, this company, together with Hermes Ltd, BestWayCoop and someone else, offered people a good return on investment, buying a home at a low price and a number of advantages. Now, as I understand it, the BestWayCoop Housing Cooperative has dropped out of this team.

And there was LifeisGood Company, which is looking for people and selling them Vista investment product to Hermes Management LTD.

That is, in fact, Hermes Management LTD and LifeisGood Company are two parts of one large-scale low-interest hype project, which is divided into 2 components for legal purposes.

 LifeisGood Development

In 2019, the company is actively gaining popularity. This is facilitated by:

  • Experienced LifeisGood Company Management. Not every company is able to assemble halls for 10+ thousand people. And if you look at the latest events of LifeisGood, then just such a number of people can be seen.
  • Stability. LifeisGood has been fulfilling its obligations for about 5 years. That is, people have confidence in her.
  • Low interest. Oddly enough, but a yield of about 24% looks more than real. She doesn’t even have to argue. The only thing that gives out is the lack of reporting. We wrote more in the review about Hermes Ltd
  • Lack of competition. Now in Russia, and the Russian-speaking Internet, there are practically no low-income investment projects operating on the MLM principle. The last similar large-scale Cashbury project closed in the fall of 2018.

In general, LifeisGood Company is popular, and in the near future its popularity will grow (in my opinion), but is it worth investing in it?

We already said in a review about Hermes Ltd that most likely the company will work another year or more, that is, it is quite realistic to make a profit. On the other hand, now people do not really like low-interest hype projects, because they require high investment.

For example, from $ 1000 you will receive $ 240 per year, the same profit in the same Vestmaker LTD can be obtained in 2 months with a deposit of $ 320. And the probability of closing at any time for both projects is the same (not quite).

Summing up the review of LifeisGood Company, we note that the company is popular and is developing. Personally, I’m not going to invest in it for one simple reason – it works offline (I gave one more reason above).

You can participate in it or not participate, but remember that LifeisGood Company does not make real investments and all profits come only from new contributions.

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