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Lavish4You is a low-interest investment project, launched on September 11, 2019. The hype company offers to receive passive income in the amount of 0.7% to 1.3% daily. In this review, we will consider all the most important features of the project.

The site Lavish4You is executed perfectly, beautifully, the personal account is well developed. In general, the implementation is at a high level. The information is presented in English and Russian. In theory, this may indicate that project management is targeting the international market. Also, on the main page there is a roadmap of the company.

According to legend, the activities of Lavish4you are based on a team of specialists from the IT industry and the financial world. The interaction between trading experts in the financial markets and the pros to create their own software makes it possible to make regular profits. The company has contracts in Finland and generally enters into a massive contract with counterparties on favorable terms. Thus, the backbone of the mechanism is formed, which allows forming stable profit for the project investors.

Marketing plan

On there is only one tariff plan with a floating percentage. All accruals occur daily and until (in theory), until your deposit brings you + 100% of net profit. At the end of the work, your deposit burns out.

 Marketing Features

  • Term of the deposit: 154 – 286 days (depends on accrued interest)
  • Minimum deposit: 10 dollars
  • Maximum deposit: $ 100,000
  • Profit accruals: from 0.7% to 1.3% per day
  • Deposit is included in payments

This floating percentage of return is due to the fact that, according to legend, Lavish4you trades in the financial markets. And profit can only be accrued on business days. At the weekend, no profit is accrued, since the markets are closed, which is similar to reality, but this does not mean that the company is actually engaged in trading.

The Lavish4you affiliate program has 5 levels in depth that bring 5% – 3% – 1% – 0.5% – 0.5%. In addition, investors are given the opportunity to participate in the monthly promotion. For achieving a certain turnover of the first line for each month a certain status is assigned.

Depending on the amount raised, you can receive from $ 100 to $ 1200 in the form of a bonus for the work done. Also, for each status an additional percentage is due. Payment can only be ordered on Fridays. The payment schedule is 5 business days. Minimum withdrawal amount: 10 dollars. Payment systems: BitCoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money.

Opinion about Lavish4you

What about Lavish4you? The minimum deposit is only $ 10, which makes the project accessible to everyone. In general, this is a good marketing offer. The deposit can work from 286 to 154 days, depending on the accrued interest. According to the tariff, everything is simple and clear. We also figured out the affiliate system and bonuses.

But, like everywhere else, there were some minuses here – the presence of a commission when withdrawing funds. And investors are saddened that the conclusion is possible only once a week, which, as you know, is not very convenient.

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