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FX Trading

FX Trading is an interesting investment project with 11 tariff plans and a yield of up to 1% to 2.5% per day or 32% per month. The launch of the site took place on October 28, 2018. In this review, we consider the features of the project and the prospects for its development.

The official site of FX Trading is located at The situation with registration on the site is rather strange. A registered user can easily get into their personal account using the “Login” button, but a person who wants to join the project will not be able to do this, since the “register” button is missing. So only those who were invited through a referral link will be able to enter the project.
On the FX Trading website, in addition to English, you will not see any other. But there is a video presentation and many photos from the office of the company. Marketing terms, by the way, are not on the site either. Rather, it is, but only a special one can see it – those who have registered on the site.

Legend FX Trading

According to legend, FX Trading Corporation – a South Korean company, according to advertising materials, brings together professional traders who earn on cryptocurrency transactions, as well as making transactions in the international currency market with the help of bots. Actually, software development is the main activity of FX Trading. The company’s traders have invested in exclusive software more than $ 2,000,000. Now they are armed with the latest artificial intelligence systems that help in collecting, analyzing and tracking the necessary information.

To date, FX Trading Corporation has 4 corporate offices with 23 professional traders. In terms of investment, the project is constantly expanding its sphere of influence and is now developing in 60 countries. According to Yandex Wordstat statistics, the site has collected about 1000 requests over the past month, which is very impressive, as for such a low-interest project.

FX Trading Investment Offer

FX Trading has as many as 11 tariff plans, but in reality, but everything is very simple. Each plan has the same period of work – 200 days, and the yield is floating and ranges from 1% to 2.5% per day, accruals are made on business days. The minimum deposit amount is $ 100, the maximum is $ 50,000.

As indicated on the website, on average, you can count on a yield of 1.5% – 1.6% per day, regardless of the amount of the deposit and the chosen tariff plan. Therefore, it makes sense to consider only the first package. The FX Trading affiliate program offers to receive 6% of the referral deposit amount.

FX Trading Marketing Features

  • Deposit is included in payments
  • Money is credited on business days (Monday to Friday)
  • To activate the plan, in addition to the deposit, you still need to make a membership fee – $ 10
  • Payment Systems FX Trading: Bitcoin
  • Binary bonus – 10% of the amount in a smaller branch
  • Minimum withdrawal: $ 50
  • Manual payments, time limit – 24 hours.

Prospects for the development of FX Trading

FX Trading can be described as a very closed investment project. There is not much information, both on the site itself and on other sites about the project. Perhaps it was this closeness that influenced such high statistical indicators. On the one hand, the lack of registration on the site eliminates many insolvent users, and on the other hand, if a person wants to join the project, it is not clear where he will look for this affiliate link.

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