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Mobads Overview – Features

The interface of the Mobads platform is quite clear and easy to use.
The personal page provides the latest campaign results and important announcements.
You can check Reports (Campaigns), Websites (websites), and if you want to work with them as a publisher, and Traffic Estimator (traffic estimator).

Something peculiar and different from other ad networks is the “Manage Creatives” (Creative Management) inside the “Campaigns”. Here you can download all the images that you intend to use in banner campaigns, and which have passed apruv. Only then will you add them as banners in your campaigns.

You will also notice the option to switch your Mobads account to your Reporo account under the main menu.
This can be useful as your account balance can be used equally on both platforms.

Mobads clearly focuses on banner traffic, as it is the most affordable for their main GEO.

Here you can launch campaigns for several banner sizes – 320×50, 300×100 and 300×250 for smartphones, as well as 300×75 for older phones.

In addition to 320×50, which usually offers large volumes of banner traffic, most of the traffic comes from text ads.

Moreover, it is also a good source of pop traffic for some GEOs. In a traffic evaluator, Mobads sets Direct (redirect ad) as a possible option. Despite this, we could not find a single GEO with such traffic.

The traffic estimator will give you the opportunity to check the available traffic for the last 7 days or “current” for the last day. You can start receiving traffic from several levels inside the GEO: operator, OS, browser and device.

Then you can view more detailed information simply by clicking on the pie chart segment. In addition, you will see a small box on the right with CPM (for banners) or CPC (for pop), as indicated in the image below. This is the recommended bid, according to Mobads.

However, when we checked it, the impression was that the system recommends one bid for banner traffic and another for pop traffic, regardless of which GEO we are going to work with.

So this will not give you much information, as a result, it all comes down to setting up the level of bidding that is convenient for you, since you cannot see the position in this network. If you want to use all the traffic, you can start with offers for which operator traffic is not so important (for example, from swipstakes with a form to fill out).

All in all, Mobads seems to be missing a lot. Indeed, the amount of mainstream traffic is nothing compared to the huge volumes of traffic that you can find on Reporo – the adult side of the business.

But don’t be upset. GEO, located on continents such as Africa and Asia, can still bring decent volumes and serve as a great start to explore this network.

Returning to the interface, if you need more detailed explanations of the individual sections of your account, you can easily check the help section of the Advertiser Self Service.

This is where you will find detailed explanations of each individual part of the interface and campaign settings.

Remember that some of the screenshots were not updated (maybe they relate to the previous interface). However, in general, you can find here all the necessary information.

Campaign creation and tracking

Now let’s look at the whole process of creating a new campaign.

First of all, you need to open the “Manage Campaigns” tab and click on the “Create Campaign Group” button.
We recommend that you use this feature to create campaign groups for each GEO, this will help organize them.

You have 3 ad formats available:

  • Banner traffic, which can be 300 x 250, 320 x 50, 300 x 100 or 300 x 75
  • Popander traffic from direct publishers
  • Pop Exchange is a mixture of direct publisher traffic (which was not sold in the main popunder format), exchanges and third partners.

On the next page, you need to set a budget (minimum $ 10) for this campaign group.

The Auto Reload option is enabled by default.

She will add more funds to your campaign when the budget runs out. Want to take a test and not spend too much?
Disable this feature.

On the other hand, this tool is useful to you when you have a stable campaign and you will be interested in making it work as long as possible!
Important: Remember to enable “Conversion Tracking” in the campaign group. This will allow you to see conversions on Mobads.

The targeting settings are quite extensive.
It offers Network Targeting (operators, WiFi, IP addresses), operating systems, device manufacturer, device type, browser, language, dateparting.

After targeting, you can select a bid.

There is no information about the maximum bid or the estimated range of bids, so you are completely unaware of what your competitors are doing.

All you can see is the minimum bid and the recommended bid (and it seems to work randomly).

On this page you can set the daily limit and choose the distribution of the budget evenly throughout the day.
However, the minimum limit is $ 50, which is a lot.
Plus: for most countries you will not be able to spend so much during the day, due to lack of traffic.
Another important thing is that you won’t be able to set capping for each user’s impressions.
According to the support service, with the highest bid you will receive about 90% traffic pander.
Regarding banner traffic, we were informed that it is distributed evenly.
This is all the information we received.
The campaign is created and you are ready! But wait, and don’t run it until you add banners and a final URL for banner campaigns or just URLs for campaign popunder.

Mobads have relatively strict banner guidelines.
According to the code of practice, creatives must include relevant branding, where “relevant” means one that refers to the offer.
A banner that simply says “TOP racing games” is considered too vague, as indicated in the Mobads examples.
When you add banners to your campaign, you can select the images that you uploaded earlier (and which have been downloaded) in “Manage Creatives”, upload new images that will be sent to the administration for review, or create a text ad.

For a text ad, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page, as this option is a little hidden, despite the fact that it provides large volumes of traffic in many GEOs.

Remember: you can also add text under the banner image, this will increase the chances of conversion.
We recommend that you use this option!
In theory, you can load banners of any size into one campaign. Despite this, since you cannot set an individual bid for each banner (format), we recommend that you set up different campaigns for each format.

Reports and Optimization

As with the targeting options, the optimization and reporting tools are pretty straightforward and convenient.
You can view campaign statistics by day, operating system, browser, operator, device, and traffic source.
Moreover, in the table of traffic sources you can set a specific bid for each source and exclude sources with which you do not want to work anymore.

In order to change the targeting of the campaign, you need to click on the Modify button.
There is no option to create a whitelist, which, in principle, you do not need.
In our case, since none of the campaigns worked with more than 10 traffic sources, the blacklist function completely fulfilled our needs.

Mobads: Offers and Verticals

  • Ad Types: Banner, Text, and Popunder
  • Price Model: Standard CPM
  • Verticals: mainstream

Mobads: Payment and Investment

  • Minimum deposit: $ 100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum, Bank Transfer


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