Project Information ECOS CLOUD MINING

Investing in Ecos (official website) is a low-interest project offering cloud mining services for a period of 1 year to 2 years.

The project started on March 15, 2019. According to legend, the Ecos hyip-project provides Bitcoin cryptocurrency cloud mining services.

Website: Launch date: 03/15/19. MMGP: 07/05/19. Category: Testing.
Minimum deposit / withdrawal amount: 22 $ / 0.001 BTC.
Optimal investment plans: ‘1TH / s for 365 days’ .

Payments: pays manually (24 hours). The withdrawal is carried out only on the BTC wallet.
EPS: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Visa / Mastercard.
Affiliate program: 10%.
Bonus from the blog (refback): 5% (example: you invested $ 200, applied for a bonus, our blog pays $ 10 to your wallet as an additional bonus to your investment). With a bonus, an investor earlier breaks even faster and starts to get a net profit.
Bonus from the blog (refback) when reinvesting from the balance – no. To receive a new reinvest bonus (extending the deposit for a new term), you must completely withdraw funds from the project to your EPS wallet and invest again.

Registration, replenishment and deposit / withdrawal of funds in Ecos

 Golden investor rules

  1. Diversification. The best option is to divide the entire amount of the investment portfolio into 8-12 projects. Example: the volume of the investment portfolio is $ 1,000, it will optimally invest in 8-12 investment projects for $ 80-125 each.
  2. For security reasons, each project must use different passwords.
  3. Indicate the details of wallets for withdrawing funds from the project immediately after registration in your account in the settings, or in a separate section of the menu (depends on the project interface). Important! In some projects, the details of the AdvCash EPS wallet must be indicated in digital format – U 9874 9145 1662, in others – the email address to which the wallet is assigned, for example, our AdvCash wallet is assigned to [email protected]
  4. Creating multi-accounts in investment projects is prohibited! In the same project, the creation of two or more accounts from the same Email or IP is prohibited. If you violate this rule, both accounts may block you.
  5. Withdraw profits regularly, and the body of the deposit on time. If profit is accrued daily – withdraw every day, if 1 time per month – withdraw once a month, if hourly accruals – every hour. So you will quickly reach the breakeven point.
  6. Keep track of the news of the investment projects you have invested in. Follow the ‘News and Updates’ section, which is located at the end of the review and comments under the review articles of the projects. It is also important to periodically look into our Telegram channel, where the latest news is published.
  7. It is useful to regularly post comments on payments from projects under our review articles. So you add activity to the project and contribute to its development.

Ecos Reviews

With the strengthening of Bitcoin, interesting mining projects began to appear, one of which we added to the blog! This platform offers an extensive selection of Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining contracts. In addition, the administration periodically holds contests and sweepstakes, participating in which you can get good bonuses.

As a result, given the good preparation and smooth development, it turns out a decent mining project that has a chance of long-term work. Investing in such a low-interest platform is well suited to diversify your investment portfolio. You can test the Bitcoin mining service with adequate amounts.

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