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B2b jewelry – activities and details

The first thing that attracts attention in B2B Jewelry is the information from the site, because no one project has such an unusual story yet. Everything is real, the project is really backed up by a network of jewelry outlets. B2B Jewelry has an online store with a product catalog. All products can not only be seen, but tried on.

Initially, the promotion of the project was only within the framework of YouTube, but this site was not chosen by chance. It is she who attracts a huge number of potential investors, and most often investors post their reviews about b2b jewelry here. But every day the Internet fills more and more video clips with material that there are always a lot of visitors in stores, precious products flaunt on the shelves, and the demand for them is rather big.

he project offers not just to earn, but to purchase jewelry and receive cashback for purchases. Thus, the investor has both decoration and profit. Profitable investment, right? Moreover, jewelry is one of the “eternal” sectors of consumption that will never lose its relevance. You can earn in another way – an affiliate program is offered.

Almost 100% of the opinions on the project are unanimously positive. We found a couple of negative reviews about b2b jewelry, but it is immediately clear that they are not true. Take, for example, the fact that the author of such posts claims that when registering, passport data must be indicated. This is not so, and we will tell you in more detail about the rules for creating a personal account. Therefore, such opinions should not be fully guided, but you can read for a change.

B2B Jewelry – the brainchild of the Ukrainian company ‘Sharm’, which produces and sells jewelry for more than 20 years. During this time, the company has earned an excellent reputation, it is trusted by thousands of customers.

B2B Jewelry Ukraine is the idea of ​​Nikolai Gont, the founder of the Sharm jewelry factory. The production of precious goods was launched in 1999, and the B2B Geverly site started on August 20, 2018. It all started with a tiny production in the city of Ladyzhino, Vinnitsa region. The first store, which still operates, was opened there, and it has no competition in this region. At present, more than 17 stores are already open in the country, and you can come to each of them personally.

To date, B2B Jewelry is:

  • The standard of products quality tested over the years from the highest samples of gold and silver;
  • Product range of about a thousand models;
  • Variety of products – for the most refined taste;
  • Production is carried out with the highest quality control on modern Italian equipment;
  • The company uses the best precious metals and stones that meet European standards;
  • Product design is developed by highly qualified jewelers;
  • Products are tested in the assay chamber of the Ministry of Finance;
  • The authenticity and quality of jewelry is confirmed by the presence of the state assay mark, as well as the company label.

On the one hand, jewelry is not an essential item. But on the other, even in difficult times, people found opportunities to purchase jewelry.

The company management made several working decisions at once. The first is to expand the scope of sales outside Ukraine. Thus, products began to be sold in other countries. On October 27, 2019, a retail outlet was opened in Almaty, now you can use the services of b2b jewelry in Kazakhstan. In the future, it is planned to expand the sales territory to European countries. But first of all, b2b jewelry programs and products will be available in Russia and Poland.

Roadmap for 2020

  • In Kazakhstan, 5 new stores;
  • Entry into the Turkish market;
  • Entry to the Kyrgyz market;
  • Store opening in St. Petersburg.

The B2B system is business to business. The company makes money by selling its products and makes it possible for others to profit. To ensure a stable income every week, you just need to make your first purchase in the b2b jewelry online store. By purchasing a product from gold or silver, the client automatically becomes a partner, in two weeks he receives his first cashback. In this case, the purchased jewelry remains with the investor. Thanks to the B2B project, the return on the purchase amount is 104% during the year.

Become a b2b jewelry partner and live in abundance! This is the main slogan of the company.

Judging by the reviews of https b2b jewelry, the site is made with intelligence and love. It is colorful, has all the necessary information. Navigation is easy, even for beginners. There is integration with social networks. You can find news on the development of the project on Instagram and Facebook. Users are given the opportunity to work with the service in three languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian, English.

A solid support service – addresses and phone numbers of representative offices throughout Ukraine and Kazakhstan. You can ask questions in groups of social networks. In your b2b jewelry dashboard, you can also contact support.

When purchasing jewelry directly at the outlet, payment can be made in cash or by credit card. For purchases online, EPS Perfect Money and bank cards are offered.

Technical features of b2b jewelry

  • Script – self-written, unique design
  • Domain – WHOIS Server Apr 02, 2019 09:20 – Apr 02, 2020 09:20
  • SSL Certificate – CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 valid from 02 Apr, 2019 to 02 Apr, 2020 – CloudFlare, Inc
  • DDOS secured

Fundamental features of b2b jewelry

  • Launch Date: 08/20/2018
  • Language versions of the site: English, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Payment systems: PerfectMoney, UAH, USD, cards of Ukrainian banks, Visa and MasterCard cards
  • Currency Conversion: None

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B2B Jewelry marketing program – favorable investment conditions

The b2b jewelry earning system was developed jointly with European partners and has been adapted to the most difficult economic spaces. How b2b jewelry marketing works:

  • You buy jewelry from gold and silver and become participants in the business project.
  • You will be refunded the full purchase price plus a percentage on top.
  • Cashback is credited in equal parts: 52 times during the year every Friday.
  • The larger the purchase amount, the higher the payout percentage.
  • The maximum percentage of return is 182%.
  • The jewelry you purchased as part of the marketing plan remains with you forever – you can do anything with it (give, sell, exchange).

The cost of jewelry is from 1000 to 243 000 hryvnia (or the equivalent in dollars and rubles). Weekly yield: 2 – 3.5%.

The b2b jewelry marketing plan is available in the cities where the representative office and outlets are present: in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others. The first payment is credited to the specified account a maximum of 2 weeks after purchase (one Friday – 8-14 days).

In stores selling jewelry, price tags always have two numbers. The first is directly the cost of the goods. The second is the full amount of the bonus reward for 12 months.

 What are b2b jewelry certificates

Certificates – a way of making money available to everyone, regardless of whether there is a representative office in the country. This is a kind of purchase / sale document, which gives the right to demand to buy it (after the last accrual) in any B2B Jewelry store.

Certificate Terms:

  • Can be bought at any time in any store of the B2B Jewelry chain.
  • After redeeming, the payment of bonuses for the certificate ceases.
  • Specificity matters – a gold certificate is boiled only with gold products, silver is similar.
  • If the purchase amount is greater than the amount of certificates, then the difference is paid extra;
  • If the purchase amount is less than the amount of certificates, the difference is not refundable.

But it’s not necessary to buy such a purchase / sale document. You can get 20% of its value with new certificates and continue to make a profit. Such a scheme applies only to silver; it is not available for gold.

By the way, a certificate can be presented after its expiration date.
It is very important to conduct operations before all dividends are paid, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to receive them in the future.

To make clients comfortable working, the project provides an opportunity to receive bonuses at different intervals. You can change the payout period for all your purchases.

Profit on certificates is calculated in the chosen currency on Perfect Money or on a bank card. Payout percentages according to this methodology are higher since the investor does not have a piece of jewelry in his hands, but a certificate. The most favorable tariff in this case is Silver, at which the profit for the year will reach 780% (however, the conditions may change, it is worth checking on the official website).

B2b affiliate program

The B2B Jewelry project is a great opportunity for making money. The company did not ignore the referral system. You can significantly increase your income by building a career. Joining an affiliate program is simple:

  • Register on the official b2b jewelry website;
  • Make a purchase of jewelry products in the amount of 1000 hryvnia ($ 50 or rubles at the rate);
  • Get access to invite other participants into the system;
  • Each new customer increases the size of the invitation’s cashback in the form of bonuses from all purchases made with his participation;
  • Bonus is a percentage of the purchase amount, which is equal to the difference in ranks.

Recommending to purchase jewelry in the project, customers receive from 8% of cashback from each sale. If the attracted person decides to create his own network, the very first invitee will receive the highest referral percentage for all subsequent purchases made by referral buyers. Bonuses are awarded automatically.

The project has developed a flexible ranking system. The higher the status, the more bonuses are awarded. The rank depends on the volume of sales in the network. With each new purchase made from the network, the level of cashback is growing. The referral system is so well balanced that it is profitable to develop your first line and help the network partners develop at any depth of the structure.

Affiliate Program Terms:

  • Each purchase made by a network member is included in the total sales volume;
  • If one partner from the structure has the same bonus percentage as that of the invitee, the latter temporarily ceases to receive bonuses from his structure until he moves to the next level of his career rank and increases his bonus percentage;
  • Referral payments are accrued every Monday;
  • Bonuses are paid once, but for each purchase made by invited customers.

Those who have received the rank of ‘Senior Manager’ have the right to use an invitation certificate. With each subsequent rank, their number increases by one. In the structure:

  • The invitee will receive 50 hryvnias (rubles or dollars at the exchange rate) weekly on Fridays, to his bank card (total 52 times);
  • The referral bonus corresponding to the rank is accrued to the invitee;
  • When a new member of the program makes a purchase for an amount of more than 1000 hryvnias, the certificate will be returned to the invitation for reuse (without restrictions).

Those who have reached the highest rank in their careers are rewarded additionally. The company gives valuable gifts – from a cruise on a liner for two to a car and an apartment.

Registration rules, acquaintance with B2B personal account jewerly

All operations, including the project store will be available after registration. To enter my b2b jewelry My Account, click on the ‘Register’ button on the main page of the site. There are several of them, choose any.

The form will open, carefully and without errors fill out the fields for choosing the country, phone, last name, first name, fatherland, code from the “vkoshelek” upline (if not specified), password twice. Click ‘Confirm’ and ‘Login.’

A confirmation code is sent to the indicated phone – we enter 5 digits and get access to ‘My b2b jewelry account’. Specify the region and city. An agent’s number is immediately assigned to a new client – in the upper left corner. In the columns ‘Invested / Earned’, ‘Profit from the network’, ‘Network turnover’ and ‘Team’ we immediately see all the information on our operations and referral structure. On the left is a menu with sections for easy navigation.

We start with the purchases. We select the section ‘Shop’ in the menu, we pass. In a new tab, you need to specify the currency, product metal (silver or gold), weight, and name:

  • Suspension;
  • Chain;
  • Engagement ring (gold only);
  • A bracelet.

The amount and percentage of profitability along with earnings will be set automatically; all that remains is to click the Buy button.

If you need to work with a certificate, on the same page we enter the payment period and amount, we look at the yield, click ‘Buy.’

Next – confirm the purchase. We introduce a payment method, details for accrual of bonuses, product delivery address. We pay according to the usual scheme. Depending on EPS or card conditions.

Next, you need to wait for the delivery of the purchase (if any), and bonuses and interest will be calculated automatically.
For those who plan to build a structure, to invite new participants, you need to enter a phone number in your Personal Account, then an SMS will be sent to the invitee. After registration, the invitation takes effect. If the invitee has not registered within 3 days, the invitation certificate is returned.
Be sure to visit the ‘My Payments’ section to control the operations for calculating bonuses. Do not forget to participate in the draws! New Year’s promises promise very interesting gifts. For example, the B2B Jewelry company holds a raffle of the Nissan Qashqai car between project participants who have made a purchase of 5,000 hryvnia (75,000 tenge, $ 200), from December 2 to 8, inclusive.

Investing in various projects is always a risky sphere of earnings. And in the case of B2B Jewelry, they also exist, despite the fact that you are not just investing money, but getting a product or certificate in your hands. Therefore, make rational decisions and think with your own head.

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