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Attracting referrals

Attracting referrals is a problem that worries any member of a hype project. Why? Probably because greed is to some extent inherent in any of us, and starting to receive significant interest on deposits, you immediately begin to think about their even greater increase. How can this be achieved? Either increase deposits, and therefore risks, or involve partners in the project, and then receive remuneration also for the contributions they made.
Not all hype users know how to invite people to the project correctly. The standard ways for ordinary users to entice people are only by sending letters to the post office or to the public VKontakte or Odnoklassniki communities, followed by the issuance of a referral link. At the same time, beginners using this tactic think that they have a good idea of ​​what they are doing and what their actions will lead to. However, this is not quite true. Some short-sighted users simply do not understand the specifics of the projects in which they have to work. Therefore, having received a small, or even impressive first income, they begin to call friends and relatives into the project, poorly imagining what risks and consequences await them all. Without experience and knowledge, a person is not able to adequately assess the project itself, its reliability, and the stage at which it is currently: at the promotion stage, or at a stage close to closure.

Pleased with the ‘free’ income, users stop analyzing and evaluating risks, and lead the same poorly versed people into pre-scam projects. The result is predictable – the loss of money, but at the same time friends and relatives.

We will not argue, there are people, and there are many of them who earn good money on refining. These are the so-called advertising people who have certain skills and abilities and have the corresponding charisma. Such professionals for a certain share in a hype project, or for a fixed cost, can bring tens or even hundreds of people to the project.
Such people have a reputation, and it takes literally years. And it can be destroyed only by one mistake, one incorrectly selected project. Such a professional will be extremely careful in choosing a project and its reliability. He’ll calculate everything a thousand times before starting an advertising campaign. After all, he cares about his reputation, which means that he also cares about the people who followed him. This is the case when the earnings of the referral is due to the earnings of referrals. The more this earnings, the greater the winnings for the referral.

But there is another type of referral, they are called MLM butchers, and, in principle, it is clear why they are called that way. This contingent of reporters is not important in which project and at what stage to invite people. They do not care about the losses and worries of partners. They have one task – to earn money on gullible people, and the more, the better. Such people do not bother with the training of partners, because they have already received everything that was needed from the partners, only the partners have made their contribution.

There are also investor teams. These are close-knit teams, numbering from a couple – three people to several hundred in a team. Investors have a leader. He should not be confused with the referral, he acts on a different principle. Initially, the leader develops and trains his team, and then the whole team enters the project after the leader. Projects in this case are selected very carefully, the leader acts with extreme caution, thoughtfully analyzing the situation. Often a team enters the project field of direct access to the leader of the administrator.

Why is referral farming a network marketing? Because they operate according to the general MLM principle. All methods of refining that we have listed above are reduced to a single algorithm. People learn about certain projects, and then advertise them to others. Some people create their own networks from referrals, or from team members. This principle underlies network marketing as such.

If you decide to invite people to the project, do not forget about your responsibility to them, and especially if you have inexperienced people, newcomers. By inviting a person to make a contribution, that is, essentially, managing his money, you control one of the vital foundations – you cannot live without money in the modern world.

And if you are undertaking refodovodstvo, and this is not an easy and risky business, work for your reputation. And then a stream of referrals will appear. Work with them, train them, and they will lead others. By building a trained, organized team, you get even more impressive results.

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