Refaumers, suckers, monitors – accomplices of scammers


All HYIPs – financial pyramids and scam

On one resource I saw an interesting opinion about hypes. It sounded something like this: “All hypes are financial pyramids and a scam, that is, their admins are scammers. Therefore, referralists and other activists are accomplices of fraudsters. ” And so I decided to devote a short article to the analysis of this topic.

Despite the fact that hyipas like to designate pyramids, this is not always the case. The concept of HYIP originated in the region of 2004-2005. And the letter P is not “Pyramid” 🙂 The concept is interpreted as High Yield Investment Program, which translates as “high-yield investment program”. Not a hint, not a word about the pyramids. Everything else is fiction.

Not all hypes are pyramids, just like not all pyramids are hypes. The same pension fund is a pyramid, but it’s not even close to hype. And in order to “get rid of” a hype, it is not necessary to be at all, the same banks and factories will only sit on the road. But there is “real activity and guarantees” that the opponents of hype are looking for.
Although there are many pyramids in the HYIP sphere, you do not need to put an equal sign between HYIP and a scam, this is not always the case.

“Hype admins are scammers. And the referees and other activists are their accomplices ”

With the same success, lawyers can be called accomplices of a suspect in a crime 🙂
There is such a thing as the presumption of innocence. Customizing the phrase to our realities – as long as the admin (project) pays, you cannot call him a fraud, because he has not deceived anyone yet.

The referral begins working with the project when he is not yet a scammer. Therefore, in a paying hype, an activist cannot be an accomplice to a fraudster. Only when the admin stops paying does he become a scammer. And if the activist continues to attract non-paying hype, then we can talk about some kind of aiding, because a person is attracted to the project, knowing that people will not get anything out.


Answering a question from the title of the article: “No”, while HYIP fulfills payment obligations. And “Yes” if attracted to non-paying HYIP.
What do you think about this? There are generally opinions that all participants are accomplices, as some feed the admin with their minuses, while others earn on the lost.

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