Qiwi is a popular payment system, loved by many for its simplicity. A large number of Internet users are interested in earning using a wallet registered in this system. In this article, hyps, doublers and Qiwi matrices will be examined in detail – all that easily allows you to get additional income. All these investment projects differ from each other in different degrees of profitability.

Hype is an investment project. The user invests his money in it at a certain percentage, and after a while withdraws money. In terms of income, all the hype can be divided into several categories:

1) Low interest. The user makes a profit of + 15% over the past month

2) Mid-percentage. Such hype allows you to receive income in the amount of 16% -60%.

3) Highly profitable (fasts). The investor’s monthly profit will exceed 61%.

The most common are precisely low-interest hypes. In order for the size of the profit to be significant, it is necessary to invest large sums of money.

Many investors regularly make good money on such highs. The main secret of success is the timeliness of investing and withdrawing money. There are no eternal hyps. Any investment project closes sooner or later, so the investor must carefully monitor the news and the work of the hype. The creators of hype openly declare that investors can lose invested funds. Therefore, investing should be approached wisely.

There are no significant differences between matrices, hypes and doublers. Their principle of operation is generally similar.

Qiwi Doublers

Doublers are based on the principle of the financial pyramid. The payment of profits directly depends on the number of recently invested investors. Each project is different in its rules and interest rates. Before investing in a doubler, an investor should focus on the duration of the project. You do not need to invest in doublers that appeared recently, it is better to give preference to those that have been successfully operating for more than one day. It is such projects that pass the real test of time and are trustworthy.

Thus, study the history of the doubler and make sure that it is solvent. If you have any doubts about the project, then it is better to refuse to invest in it. The most reliable are projects that have been working for more than 1 year. Let them not bring you enormous income, but provide a small but stable income.

Qiwi Matrices

Matrixes – an investment project created specifically for risk lovers. The rules of the matrix are no different from the rules of hypes or doublers. However, much attention is paid to the referral (affiliate) system. Its meaning is that you invite investors (referrals) to the project and receive a certain percentage of their contribution. Accordingly, the more people you brought into the project, the greater the amount of earnings.

Every day on the Internet there are more and more new matrices. Qiwi system allows you to conduct transactions with anonymous payments. This explains its popularity among matrix developers and contributors.

Let us dwell in more detail on the features of registration in such projects. In order to register in the matrix, you will need to order the first level. For this, the investor needs to transfer funds to his curator (referrer). After some time, your order is confirmed and an individual referral link is available to you. From now on, you become a member of the referral program. You will receive income from deposits of those investors who have registered in the project by clicking on your link.

It is strongly not recommended to work with those unverified matrices. Some scammers create similar projects for their own enrichment. The investor does not receive any payments. Nevertheless, on the Web you can find a large number of matrices that have earned the trust of investors and successfully pay money. Invest wisely, make a profit! Good luck!

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