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Pushex.net. Review and Reviews

Pushex.net – A new platform for monetizing sites with push notifications!

Pushex is not only a monetization system. You get a free, wide-functional tool for creating your own subscriber base, with the goal of self-monetizing your base. Want to monetize your base yourself? – Turn off the monetization system! With Pushex – at your disposal all the most advanced tools of commercial push-systems:

  • Auto-push series
  • Delayed push messages
  • User segmentation
  • Multi-platform preview
  • Extended statistics
  • And much more.

You can combine the options for monetization of Pushex and your own mailings, in any desired ratio.
And additionally – together with the partner’s office, you get a personal manager ready to help customize the tool for you.

A young but actively developing affiliate program for monetization of PUSH subscribers. At the moment, they accept traffic from any GEO and sites of any subject.

For those who want to monetize their base on their own or not monetize at all, there is a free Premium function. Using the premium you can do pending mailings, automatic series of mailings and even segment your subscriber base.

If you still decide to monetize through the service, then you are available to send advertising messages from 1 to 16 times a day. If you do not have a website, then this is not a problem. The affiliate will provide you with landing pages for draining traffic from social networks or Youtube. There is also a referral program. The service is ready to pay you 3% of the income of all referrals you attracted.


  • High pay per click due to the smart betting system;
  • The ability to earn on groups and channels in social networks – VK, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram;
  • Large pool of advertisers;
  • 5+ ways to configure the subscription window;
  • Flexible settings for aggressive advertising;
  • Does not affect positions in search engines (works according to the ‘white’ principles of Yandex);
  • Customized solutions for arbitrators.

 Rules for participation: All sites are pre-moderated. All types of wrapping and advertising clicks are prohibited.

Advertising format: Monetization of PUSH notifications

Payouts: The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10. Money can be obtained by prior request at Webmoney or ePayments.

Pushex is an opportunity to make money on your site. Resource visitors subscribe to push and receive paid notifications.



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