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Overview of PUSH.HOUSE

Push.house is an advertising platform for monetizing and buying Push traffic.

From the very first meeting, the advertising network leaves a pleasant impression on itself. Simple and convenient interface, a short registration form in which you need to fill in just a few fields, or use the registration through the social. Network. As well as other pleasant little things that make working with the system more comfortable, and which we will talk about below.

After registering and entering the advertiser’s office, we are greeted by the main panel, which displays brief information about your companies, as well as the ‘top active’ and ‘top free’ GEOs in the system.

The information on the tops is undoubtedly useful, but in order to get the full picture, we go to the ‘Network volume’ tab here we are already provided with complete information about the network volume.

When I say complete information, I am not exaggerating! There really is a lot of useful data in this tab. Here we have information on the recommended rate for each GEO and infa about how much is free and how much traffic is sent in 24 hours!

In general, you can immediately understand how effective advertising will be for your GEO.

Creation of an advertising company

With the process of creating an advertising company in Push.house, everything is also very simple and convenient.
The whole interface of creating the RK is on one page, there is nothing superfluous and distracting to the eye.

If you divide the creation of the company into stages, then you can distinguish several stages:

  • Set the company name
  • We set a budget constraint for the company. (It will not allow you to quickly ‘eat’ the balance)
  • Set up targeting and bidding
  • Create an ad. (Pictures do not need to be prepared in the right size; the grid has a convenient image cropping functionality)
  • We set the time for displaying ads, and add our black or white ID bases.
  • We send digging for moderation.

Two checkmarks below that may cause you questions – ‘Allow feeds’ and ‘News (-25%)’

Yes, the grid has the ability to connect third-party feeds with push bases, the grid is happy to invite owners of private push bases to cooperate. But you can always disable this feature.

By the way, to receive traffic from feeds, the amount on the balance should be at least $ 100. In order to consistently receive a large amount of traffic, the recommended amount on the balance is from $ 500.

The second checkbox will let the system know that you want to purchase news traffic, in which case the system will reduce the minimum bid by 25%. Reducing the minimum bid will affect the position in the auction, however, this is offset by the high CTR of news GUNs.

Another interesting feature of Push.house is the ‘Ready ads’ function, which makes it possible to use ready-made creatives. Such a mini spy service right inside the ad network.

In the ‘Ready ads’ you can sort creatives by GEO, or find a suitable creative by phrase in the text. Found a creative, press the ‘Use’ button and all test and graphic data are transferred to your company.

You can see all your companies in the ‘Companies’ tab, there you can stop, start and copy them.

 Balance replenishment

To replenish the balance of your advertising account, you can use various payment systems: WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex, Paypay, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, ePayments.

Minimum 50 $.


The main advantages of the PUSH-house advertising network are:

– FREE PROMOTIONS (Details from a personal manager!)
– Bonuses for replenishment (from 3 to 10%).
– High-quality traffic at affordable prices.
– GEO – the whole world (180+ countries).
– RTB auction.
– The presence of private bases.
– Deep targeting, campaign optimization.
– Ready-made creatives.
– Referral deductions: 5%.

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