Prospects and earnings on cryptocurrencies 2020


Prospects and earnings on cryptocurrencies

We waited a whole year and finally waited! I am sure that many of you also expected this. Especially those who did not go even when Bitcoin was for $ 3,500. The cryptocurrency market finally woke up. I hope this trend lasts as long as possible.

 What do the experts say

Yes, they do not care what they say, they always say something. But with reality in the cryptocurrency world, this rarely can somehow be correlated. If you suddenly know a real expert whose forecasts really correlate with the course, and besides this expert shares his forecasts publicly, please write about this good person in comments.

While the market stagnated, most developers did not lose time and judging by the news, there were almost no large corporations that would not have implemented blockchain in their business processes. There are fewer reports in the media that Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies are a bubble and a scam.

Most likely, the whales (large holders of cryptocurrencies), who at the “bottom of the market” were bought by Bitcoin and the top viola, did not sleep. It seems to me unlikely that they will sell their assets at $ 8,000, at today’s rate.

It would be logical to assume that the news background is also created, or rather sponsored, by those very whales. It is beneficial for them to run a higher course and sell the crypto more expensive. Oh, to know where exactly the rate of Bitcoin would grow to, and with it the courses of the main cryptocurrencies, so as not to miscalculate …

Should I buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies now

Investing your own money is a private matter for everyone. The cryptocurrency market remains a rather risky tool for making a profit, and each person must decide for himself whether the game is worth the candle. Yes, and I am not authorized to give out such recommendations to anyone 🙂

I can only give some advice to novice Holders (crypto holders) based on my own experience:

  • Buy cryptocurrency only for the money that you can afford to lose, or freeze for a very long time. Thus, you save a bunch of nerves.
  • Do not drain the crypt at the first serious drawdown
  • If bitcoin has risen sharply, then it’s better to buy not the top altcoins, but they, as a rule, catch up with the general trend
  • Use only top-end and reliable exchanges and exchangers for purchase (scammers do not sleep)
  • Do not store the crypto on the exchange – there have been cases of closure and hacking of even large exchanges
  • Pay particular attention to the security of your funds and use physical wallets whenever possible.
  • If you are a beginner, then choose only currencies from the top 20 for capitalization to invest.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Popularity for Affiliate Marketing

The previous crypto take-off was marked by the appearance of many affiliate and advertising networks, a surge in the cost of advertising (when various ICOs, exchanges, cloud mining and other crypto services were advertised), the emergence of many crypto offers in CPA networks. I remember how even mothers with prams in the playground discussed which crypt to mine, where, when and which coins it is better to buy and sell and shared referral links.

Then a lot of new webmasters, arbitrageurs, referrals, video bloggers and other characters related to making money online appeared. I think the next rise in the rate and popularity of cryptocurrencies will also have a positive effect on this industry, and this is good news.

Cryptocurrency earnings

It is possible and necessary to earn on cryptocurrencies, especially during the growth of their course and, accordingly, popularity. Why miss such a good opportunity. The main thing is to choose the right direction based on your abilities, financial and other opportunities.

Earnings on crypto with attachments

If you have free money, then the easiest way is to buy bitcoin or top alternative cryptocurrencies and wait for the rate to rise. The main thing is to determine the price at which you will be ready to sell the crypt and get your profit.

Those who have trading skills and free crypto can try themselves on cryptocurrency exchanges. After all, trading on the bull market (uptrend) is much easier than on the bear market, especially on shorts.

The main thing is to bypass all kinds of brokers and services that want to get your cryptocurrency, promising space interest, but in reality being ordinary, quick-burning hyips and professional scammers.

If you are an arbitrageur and know how to pour traffic from teaser, push and other advertising networks, then you should pay attention to all kinds of crypto offers in CPA networks that appear like mushrooms along with the growing popularity of the crypto industry. It’s a pity that from the context it’s normal not to pour on this topic, although experts still manage …

Earnings on crypt without investments

It is possible to earn cryptocurrency without investments using cryptocurrency referral programs, real cloud mining (it happens that under the guise of cloud mining, masks are masked) and other crypto services.

If you have a site with good traffic, then you can place advertising materials of the service you have chosen on it. And if there is no site, then your main weapon is YouTube, insta and other social networks and forums.

You can also try to make money on Airdrop or Bounty, receiving tokens for completing various tasks, usually related to the promotion of a new cryptocurrency or ICO on forums and social networks. The difference between Airdrop and Bounty is that Airdrop is a one-time task, and the Bounty implies the constant repetition of some actions, for example 2 Facebook posts per day. But be careful, sometimes after Airdrop / Bounty some tokens do not go to exchanges and turn into a pumpkin. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study carefully: who you are going to advertise and what cryptocurrency you will get for it. You can make good money on bounty campaigns by having promoted accounts on social networks or on the forum.

Cryptocurrency Distribution

On the Internet there are a lot of so-called ‘bitcoin-faucets’ or ‘crypto-faucets’, but they give out such a trifle that you should not even write about it. But if you have nothing to do, then you can study this topic. I think the ‘earned’ money on taps is enough, for example, to replenish the phone account.

It is possible that these are not all ways of making money, but they should be enough to improve the financial situation against the backdrop of an uptrend.

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