PropellerAds ad network overview: verticals, ad formats, campaign launch


PropellerAds Ad Network Overview

PropellerAds is one of the largest ad networks. Since 2011, sells and buys traffic from around the world. The largest platform in terms of pop-under traffic. In January 2018, they began to buy and sell traffic from PUSH notifications. Today, the size of the database has crossed the mark of 300 million subscribers from 195 countries.

Check in

To launch the first advertising campaign, register on the site as an advertiser (advertiser). Registration consists of two stages. First, fill in the required fields with contact details.

Click ‘next’ and go to the data of the advertiser.
After filling in the required information and confirming the profile, we go to your personal account. Before creating the first campaign, we’ll look at the ad formats.

Ad formats

PropellerAds originally worked with pop-under traffic. Over time, other advertising formats were connected. Advertisers can now work with four types of advertising:

  • OnClick (Popunder) is a window that appears in a new browser window under the already open window of the site. Users do not look at banner ads, skip the decision-making phase of switching to the site. When you click on any part of the site’s page, the user immediately goes to the advertised site.
  • PUSH Notifications (PUSH notifications) – small pop-ups on the screen of a phone, tablet and computer.
  • NativeAds – advertising banners created in the format of ‘recommendations’ on the site. Outwardly similar to the rest of the resource material.
  • Interstitial is an intermediate ad format that appears on top of content. Opens after a few seconds of interaction with the page. The user can close the banner by clicking on the cross and continue to study the resource or go to the advertised site.

Advertising formats differ from each other, but the setup has a common essence. So let’s move on to creating campaigns.

Creation of an advertising campaign

The system has two options for creating advertising campaigns: simple (simple mode) and advanced (advanced mode). You can switch the mode when creating the RC.

To create an RC, you can use two methods: go to the ‘campaign’ page and click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button or go directly to creating from any part of your personal account. By default, we come up with an easy way to create.

We indicate the required parameters, without which it is impossible to save and start the.

  • The name of the campaign.
  • Pricing model. CPM (pay-per-impression) is available for all formats. CPC (pay per click) can be selected for Popunder, PUSH notifications and NativeAds. SmartCPM and SmartCPA work only for Popunder.
  • Link to the advertised product or service. We can set utm tags to track traffic.
  • Frequency cap for one person. We select the number of push / impression submissions in a certain period of time – by default, 1 time in 24 hours.

Before moving on to other settings, we’ll dwell on the advertising payment model. If CPM and CPC do not raise questions, then SmartCPM and SmartCPA we will consider in detail.

By choosing SmartCPM, we can set the maximum bid that we’re willing to pay for impressions. An optimized algorithm will automatically select the best prices for each zone. As a result, we can pay less.

SmartCPA – pay per conversion. It is based on an optimized algorithm that selects campaign parameters to get the maximum number of conversions.

Details on each of the models can be found on the Support page and on the ad network blog. And we go further by choosing PUSH notifications as the advertising format.

The next step is to create an advertisement.

Available targeting:

  • Platform: desktop, mobile.
  • Operating System: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone.
  • Version of the operating system. Opens when you select an operating system. If no OS is selected, this column is missing.
  • Browser.
  • Browser language
  • Connection Type: 3G / LTE, Wi-Fi / Broarband.
  • Provider
  • Zone limitation – black and white sheets. You can add and exclude zones (sites). The limit is 1,000 sites.

Having set all the targeting, we can see the forecast for the volume of traffic and the maximum cost.

If necessary, adjust the cost. Run or save the campaign. If there are not enough funds on the balance sheet, the campaign can only be saved in draft copies.


When the campaign is positively moderated, the ad will start showing. To properly optimize the RK, you need to focus on statistics. To do this, go to the page with all the campaigns.

Here we can see information on impressions, conversions, clicks, CTR, CPM and total cost. We can also connect our own analytics system by going to the ‘Tracking’ page.


To create effective advertising, you need a lot of tools. There are several tools in the system that help in creating effective campaigns.

The first assistant is a showcase of traffic.

Why guess the optimal cost, volume of traffic and GEO with less competition when you can go to this page? We can filter information by format, form of payment (payment for impressions or clicks), platform, operating system and type of connection. What can we learn? The volume of impressions for each GEO, the maximum and optimal bid.

The next tool is the audience. We can set retargeting for those who visited the site.
We name the audience, indicate the time during which the user will be in the retargeting database and see ads. It’s worth correctly evaluating the time for the bases so as not to spend extra money on already “cooled down” users.
There are also nice bonuses for advertisers – specials. Offers where you can get discounts from partners.

Budget replenishment and technical support

And now we’ll touch on the technical aspects of cooperation with the advertising network – balance replenishment and technical support contacts.

Minimum deposit for bank cards, UnionPay and WebMoney: $ 100. For Wire Transfer: $ 1,000. Skrill: € 100. To pay via PayPal, you must send a request to technical support. After that, payment will be made as usual. Refill balance through ePayments only through support.

Technical support:

On this note we finish our review. You can get acquainted with PropellerAds only in one case – register in the system and launch your first advertising campaign.


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