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ApartHotelNetwork – Low interest project

ApartHotelNetwork is a new low-interest project that offers everyone who wants to receive passive income – 0.6% for 360 days. The project started relatively recently: August 13, 2019.

Low-profit highs are not frequent guests of our site, all because they are not launched as often as high-profit, but really high-quality projects are even less frequent. The official ApartHotelNetwork website can be found at this link – And we will begin to review the site.

  • The marketing trick is that the less frequent the payments, the higher the profitability of the tariff plan.
  • The site has a profitability calculator and all relevant information about the company.
  • Right after registration in the project Apart Hotel Network give a bonus of 5 euros. This money can be withdrawn after opening the possibility of payments.
  • To unlock payments, you must buy one of the franchises of the site.

Apart Hotel Network Ltd is a direct landlord for short and long term rental in Europe. The company has a large selection of apartments: the company’s customers can rent apartments in Europe in different areas of the city and in the price segments of the market supply, with different numbers of rooms and beds, per hour, day, several days or weeks. The absence of intermediaries allows setting affordable housing rental rates so that short-term rental apartments become available to the widest segments of the population.

As stated on the website, since 2019 the company has announced an investment project where it offers to buy a franchise, namely, you invest in a certain business that makes a profit. All franchises build on these franchises. We will consider it further in the review.

Investment offer

All users of Apart Hotel Network are offered a choice of three investment plans:


  • Profitability: 0.6% per day
  • Work life: 360 days
  • Deposit amount: from 50 – to 100 000 €
  • Going through the breakeven after 167 days
  • Total revenue over time: 116%


  • Profitability of Apart Hotel Network: 6.6% every 10 days
  • Work life: 360 days
  • Deposit amount: from 50 – to 100 000 €
  • Breakeven after 150 days
  • Total revenue over the term: + 137.6%


  • Profitability: 26% every 36 days
  • Work life: 360 days
  • Deposit amount: from 50 – to 100 000 €
  • Going through the breakeven after 144 days
  • Total revenue for the term: + 160%

Payment systems Apart Hotel Network: Perfect Money, Payeer, SEPA. Affiliate program: 5% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 1%. Manual payments, time limit up to 72 hours. With an increase in turnover in the structure, each active user is assigned a new status. Details of earnings using affiliate programs are registered on the project website.

Pros and Cons of Apart Hotel Network

Apart Hotel Network shows all the signs for a quality promising project. A colorful site (in the good sense of the word), an interesting legend, a bonus during registration and earning opportunities can certainly be attributed to the advantages of the site.

Apart Hotel Network is registered in the UK and has a bank account with a German bank. When buying a franchise on the site, you can download the official PDF with the Agreement. The site is presented in two languages: Russian and English. There is self-written program code, security from CloudFlare, original design, unique content.

The project administration has already held 2 webinars in Russian and 2 webinars in English. Official speakers of the project:

  1. Victoria Shchelko – Miss Ukraine, a leader with successful experience in the field of MLM business and investment.
  2. Alexey Bazdyrev is a professional in the field of marketing and SMM promotion, as well as in the field of public speaking.

And finally, let’s say that the company plans to bring top investors to Europe (details are being specified) to show the reality of the business and that the legend is not a legend at all. In general, as you can see, Apart Hotel Network has universal plans. Are they destined to come true? We will see with time.

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