Project analysis: how to choose a hype


How to choose a hype project

If you are ready to invest money in the development of a hype project in order to earn money on it, you need to know the rules, how to choose it. Of course, it is impossible to secure oneself against failure, but it is possible to reduce the risk of losing invested funds in this way.
On the Internet there are a lot of projects that you may be interested in, but not all of them really have a development prospect. Below we will present you some recommendations that it is advisable to adhere to when selecting a hype project:

  •  Pay attention to the visual component of the site:
  1. It should have an original design developed to order. If you opened the page and saw a template design that can be installed for free on any website, then it’s better not to consider such a hype, as this is most likely a clone that, as a rule, does not work for a long time.
  2. In addition, it is very important that unique images are inserted on the first page of the project you selected, all the ‘hot buttons’ work, the text is accurately and correctly written. If the information is difficult to read, this suggests that the author was in a hurry to open the project and did not pay due attention to the quality of the content. It’s not a big deal if you come across a couple of typos while reading the text. They can be reported to the site administration, which within a few hours will eliminate the errors.
  3. The site must have a “feedback”, which can be found in the “Contacts” section. Go to it, copy the indicated phone numbers, as well as the address, and look in Google for information about these contact details. If more projects are registered on the Internet, then you better not use such a hype.
  • Analyze the technical component of the site:
  1. The domain of the project you have chosen should not contain such endings as “ru”, “rf”, “su”. It is also advisable to avoid hyps that have a Russian domain name and hosting. The fact is that hyipas with such technical components can receive complaints from users, and this threatens a long-term blockage, which is ‘deadly’ for an investment project. Choose HYIPs with foreign domains and hosting, as they ignore complaints and are less often blocked.
  2. Look if there is an abbreviation “SSL” in the address bar of the site or a green bar indicating the level of communication security. If any of this is available, then you need to check the validity period of this security system (“SSL” should be purchased one year in advance from responsible administrators). If none of this exists at all, then registering in such a project is not worth it, since it is highly likely that your personal data (username and password) can be intercepted by intruders.
  3. Check if the “Perfect Money” wallet verified by the site admin has been verified. This is very simple: you need to make a recharge request. You will see a page on which it will be indicated whether the electronic wallet has passed verification or not.
  •  Read general information regarding the selected hype:
  1. Determine the type of project you have selected. If you have a fast with very high interest rates, then it is better not to consider it further. For investing, middlemen and low-interest highs are better suited.
  2. The project you have chosen should have a smooth development. If you notice that from the date of its foundation, he immediately began to actively buy advertising, arrange all kinds of promotions, this means that the administrator tried to raise the bar for his project very quickly, but he is unlikely to have the strength to keep it for a long time without a sufficient number of investors.
  3. In a good hype, a restriction should be established regarding the maximum amount of the first deposit. In addition, it should not have so many different options for payment systems.
  4. Responsibly approach the study of investment plans that the admin of the site of your choice offers. They must be balanced – the more profitable the contribution, the longer it should work. If you have not seen such a trend, then the admin just wants to cash in on you.
  5. Study the referral program that admin hype offers you, because it is the main motivator for the project participants. The percentage of referrals should not be too small, excessively large or absent altogether. Ideally, referral rewards from all available levels should not exceed 20%.

There are a few points that you do not need to consider when choosing a hype, but it’s better not to neglect them:

  • If the funds invested in the project cannot be withdrawn at any time, this characterizes the project on the good side. After all, for example, this can happen: in the work of hype, some malfunctions occurred, or detractors began to spread rumors that the admin of the project you selected irregularly makes payments. Investors will react to this with apprehension and begin to withdraw their money, which will lead to the inevitable scam of the site. If the contribution is frozen on the hype, the project will not be shaken and will work for a long time without failures.
  • In a good project, the administration is engaged in its social promotion – holds webinars, conferences, presentations. The more such events, the higher the likelihood that hype will work reliably for a long time.
  • The investment project must have official documentation. It is advisable that he be attached to the work office. This will only increase investor confidence in hype.

We have listed you the main indicators of high quality investment project that you can trust. Note that they do not always give a 100% guarantee that you will not lose your invested money, but they will several times reduce the risks of becoming a victim of scammers

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