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Popcash Advertising Network Overview

Popcash.net traffic network was founded in 2012. To date, it unites more than 50,000 partners and provides up to 850 million ad impressions per month. GEO coverage – the whole world.It works with only one ad format – pop-under.
Theme of traffic – any (adult and non-adult). It is possible to block adult advertising.
The return of advertising codes occurs from their own servers, which ensures a minimum delay when activating an ad unit.
Payment Scheme – CPM.
The CPM level for advertisers is from $ 1 to $ 7.5.

The division of prices into categories depends on the type of device:
– Android (for example, TOP CPM for US (6 $), RU (4 $));
– iOS (US (3.1 $), RU (4 $));
– Desktop (US ($ 7.5), RU ($ 4)).

Affiliate deductions account for 80% of the system’s revenue. On average, for countries from the Tier1 category (America, Canada, England, etc.) a webmaster receives $ 1.2 – $ 1.7 per thousand impressions.

To earn money without showing pop-up ads, Popcash offers two options for referral links (to the main page and to the registration form).

The income of this method of traffic monetization is 10% of the earnings of attracted webmasters.

How to buy traffic on the Popcash.net network

Creation, configuration and management of advertising campaigns in Popcash takes place in the ‘Advertiser-Campaigns’ section.
During the configuration, the following parameters are determined:
– target link (link to the site-landing or link to the tracker);
– total budget (must correspond to the balance);
– starting price (in the Bid field the price for one impression is indicated);
– targeting parameters (countries, operating systems, thematic category).

Please note that White-Black sheets are formed after saving the basic settings, through the table of the ‘Campaigns’ section.

How to start making money with the Popcash affiliate program

To connect to the affiliate program, you must first add the site (section ‘Publisher-Websites’).
The time for checking a new site on business days is 1 hour.

After the site transitions to the ‘Approved’ status, the affiliate code is generated in the ‘Get Code’ section or directly in the ‘Websites’ section table.


The list of payment systems used for replenishment and payments in Popcash is the same:
– PayPal;
– PayZa;
– Paxum;
– WebMoney.
Switching to the corresponding payment machines takes place in the ‘Billing’ section.

The minimum advertiser deposit is $ 5.
There is another, more profitable way to transfer funds to the advertiser’s account in Popcash – using the Hiribi.com exchange system. In this case, each payment is supplemented by a 10% bonus.
The limit on the minimum amount for affiliate payments is $ 10.
An application for withdrawal can be issued any day. Processing time – 7 business days.

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