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PopAds is a premium advertising network. It was launched in 2010 as a specialized advertising network, and today it has become one of the most popular advertising networks in the world. Users of this advertising network PopAds leave only positive feedback.

The reason for her popularity is the quality of service that she offers her users. The PopAds ad network offers the highest CPMs in the industry, the fastest payments, the fastest and most responsive support, the liberal terms, and the best of all ads with high quality content that increase conversion rates and therefore increase your revenue.

 Features of the PopAds ad network

  • PopAds uses the CPM model to pay its publishers. It not only offers a high CPM, but also provides 100% occupancy. Because, PopAds is a very popular ad network among advertisers around the world. This popularity allows PopAds to offer high CPMs and 100% occupancy for publishers.
  • PopAds provides publishers with the ability to display advertisements of their choice, which means that if you do not want to show any specific advertisements on your website, you can disable them at any time and replace them with other advertisements.
  • In the PopAds ad network, you can also adjust the frequency of pop music to best suit the interests of your site.
  • PopAds is one of the fastest payment advertising networks, so you can withdraw your income at any time. You can even set up your account in automatic withdrawal mode for automatic payments.
  • Another good thing about this ad network is that it accepts all kinds of websites, including adult websites. So, even if you have an adult website, you can easily monetize it with PopAds.

Registration and approval in the PopAds ad network

The process of registering with the PopAds ad network is quick and easy, as it accepts all kinds of websites, including adult and non-adult websites, low traffic sites, etc. In addition, it has liberal conditions, Which simplify the approval of your website.

Although it’s easy to get approval from the PopAds ad network, it reviews each website individually before approving them. In order for the publisher’s site to be accepted into the advertising campaign, the site’s age must be older than 1 month and have 20-30 visitors per day.

The site verification process is very fast. Usually, all websites are viewed on the service within 24 hours after the application is submitted, but this can take up to 48 hours due to the large number of publishing applications.

PopAds CPM

PopAds usually offers high CPMs, but the rates are completely dynamic and depend on many factors, such as: the country of the visitor, the quality of your site and the niche, and even the day of the week and time of day. For example, for Russian-language traffic, 1000 impressions will cost from $ 1.4, and for the American sector – from $ 4. The PopAds ad network uses a bidding system that ensures that all publishers receive the highest possible bid for their site.

In addition, since it is one of the most popular advertising networks, popular among advertisers, it therefore has many advertisers around the world who also provide higher rates and high quality advertising at the country level and content.

Ad Formats

Since it is a specialized pop-up network in the advertising network, it therefore offers only pop-up ads as a solution for publishers, which they can display on their sites in order to earn money. However, you can choose the type of pop advertising that will appear on your website.

Statistics Reporting System

PopAds offers a very good statistics reporting system where you can see detailed statistics of your ads. The statistics reporting system provides various filters that you can use to break down your reports for better analysis.

In addition, the statistics reporting system displays statistics in real time, so you don’t have to wait several hours or a day to see how your statistics are changing.

 Minimum payout

PopAds is the best in every field, and therefore it has set a very low minimum payout for publishers. The minimum amount required to pay on PopAds is only $ 5, which you can easily earn with minimal effort.

The proper use of high-quality, country-specific content, highly converting and highly paid advertisements make it easy to achieve this minimum limit.

Methods and mode of payment in the PopAds ad network

PopAds offers various payment options to its users, which are PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Wire.

This ad network is considered as one of the fastest paid, with daily payment processing. In PopAds, once you reach the minimum payout limit, you can immediately request a payment that will be paid within 24 hours.

If you do not like to log in again and again, then you can set up your account in automatic withdrawal mode. Just set the minimum payout limit and you will see that the money will arrive automatically.

Referral program in the advertising network PopAds

Like most Pop-under ad networks, PopAds also offers a very good referral program. Her referral program is not limited to the publisher or advertiser. Instead, you will earn referral links for both the publisher and the advertiser.

The PopAds ad network has a one-level referral program that offers an excellent 10% recommendation commission for its users.

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