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Plus Token is a cryptocurrency wallet that generates daily income. It is often compared with Cloud Token, Wotoken, and especially with SCF Token. In this review, we will consider the features of this wallet and its similarities and differences with the above projects.

You can find the official Plus Token website at this address – And if we talk about the wallet website, then it does not look very much both in terms of appearance and in terms of functionality. Of course, it is geared towards foreign investors, but whoever visits the site will immediately fail to figure out what the project offers us.

Definitely, you will spend a couple of minutes to understand in what order the information is generally arranged. Nevertheless, on the Plus Token website there is a presentation of the project, a description of its activities, links to social networks and stuff like that.

  •  According to legend, Plus Token is a development product of three countries (Japan, South Korea and China).
  • The platform was created by the efforts of Samsung Technology developers in Korea. In 2015, a group of Samsung programmers developed a robot for arbitrage trading, which brought significant profit, it was necessary to create your own wallet, since they did not trust the storage of currency on others.
  • Currently, this is the most widely used wallet in Asia, because Asians apparently are not against the new. Headquartered in Singapore.
  • Only 10,000,000 PlusToken wallet users around the world will profit from Ai Dog until 2024.
  • The main goal of the project is to achieve the number of users of at least 10 million. This may be a reality in the near future.
  • The wallet is already synchronized with the STO exchange.


And now a little about why PlusToken is so often compared to the SCF token wallet, their differences and similar points.

PlusToken is a project that was launched in May 2018 and today continues to work successfully and conquer the cryptocurrency market, because during this time it has grown from 0.40 to 72 dollars. But since the project has been over a year old, it is likely that further payments will be reduced and, in general, everything will lead to scam. And then a literally identical project appeared on the horizon – SCF token wallet. The principle of its work is exactly the same:

  • You download and install the application on your iPhone or smartphone.
  • This application is a shell for your cryptocurrency wallet where you can store your cryptocurrency.
  • In addition to storing your cryptocurrency assets, you can trust them to professional traders and receive from 8% to 18% interest on a deposit in the tokens of this project every month.

This company is registered in Singapore and according to the links taken from the Internet, behind the project is the largest exchange of Southeast Asia ZB. But the difference in these wallets is that the entrance to Plystoken starts at $ 500, and in the SCF token is only $ 100. With the same operation schemes, it can be assumed that in a year the price of the SCF token will be approximately the same as today in PlusToken. But since the scheme of work is the same, in principle, the outcome of the companies is also similar.

Marketing features

  • PlusToken allows you to receive from 10% to 20% monthly for storing cryptocurrency in this wallet.
  • Dividends are accrued provided that the amount in cryptocurrency is stored in the wallet, at least $ 500 in equivalent.
  • Revenue generated through arbitrage trading
  • Additionally, for installing the wallet by other people, using your link (your phone number without a country code), you can get 100% in the first line of each partner’s earnings.
  • From the 2nd line to the 10th line, 10% of the partners ’earnings are charged. This happens daily.
  • You can withdraw deposited cryptocurrency at any time. Accrued tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency, and withdraw if necessary, or reinvest.

Conclusions and reviews about PlusToken

PlusToken is an interesting project, or rather a crypto wallet with interesting marketing conditions. But in fact, it does not stand out among other wallets. And even if you invest in one of the wallets, it is better to give preference to Cloud Token. A wallet that clearly managed to attract the attention of users and gives hope for promising work.

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