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Plugrush: Ad Network Overview

PlugRush is a well-known traffic advertising network that has existed for a very long time and is very popular in Europe and America. Everyone knows her mainly as a source of traffic, which can be cast there in unrealistic volumes. But in addition to this, she is still known for a huge number of bots. Therefore, be prepared to filter out all useless traffic. Fortunately, this is quite simple.

There are pop-up pop-ups, as well as redirects, native and banner ads. The most popular are mobile and desktop popunder. It is with them that they basically pour in this grid. If you have not tested this grid yet, then the best thing we would recommend is to start with Mobile Pops. Especially if you work with Italy and offer Eretron Aktiv.

Campaign Creation

Creating campaigns in PlugRush is made as convenient and simple as possible. We think that even beginner arbitrageurs will be able to deal with this. Let’s look at the example of those Mobile Pops.

First fill out the name of the campaign and select the Mobile Pops method. Choose which traffic you are interested in – adult or mainstream.

Next, insert the site URL. You can use various tokens for your links. In order to transmit information to the tracker on browsers and other parameters of the people who will visit your ads.

After that, we’ll target the campaigns. Here you can set the country, languages, orientation, operating systems, browsers and type of connection (WiFi, 4G, proxies, etc.). If you pour on adult, then we recommend setting only the Straight orientation. In browsers, we recommend disabling BlackBerry, UC, Coc Coc, Yandex Browser and Others.

Then we put down on what schedule you want to twist ads. It is advisable to immediately request from the managers white and black sheets. Collect them and be sure to use them when creating your campaigns. To avoid the initial influx of low-quality traffic. Frequency can be left as standard.

Well, at the end, expose the desired bid and campaign budget. When placing a bid, you can immediately approximately look at the predicted amount of traffic. For starters, you can try to redeem at the lowest rate. But it is believed that the higher the rate, the more high-quality traffic and large volumes. Therefore, test. Create three campaigns – with a minimum, medium and high bid and identify the most profitable approach for you.

The minimum recharge amount in PlugRush is currently $ 25. There is a lot of traffic in the grid, so you can merge essentially any volumes. The main thing is to monitor the quality and filter the bots.

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