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PLATINCOIN is an innovative cryptosystem that integrates the training academy, the revolutionary hybrid blockchain technology, a trendy business platform and social network. Today, these areas of business are considered as the most popular and profitable in the multi-billion-dollar market of Internet technologies.

    PLC Academy is an e-learning platform that provides materials on the theory of cryptography and blockchain technology, as well as materials on the basics and strategies for successfully promoting an online business and effective sales communication.
    PLC Business is a platform for anyone who believes that profitable companies and corporations can grow from a simple idea. Cryptosystem members can vote on projects. Evaluations of their projects can help to understand how interesting various business projects are, whether there is a market for them and who are potential promoters and buyers of their products.
    The social network PLC Network unites people of different ages and nationalities. Due to its huge potential, it creates unlimited opportunities for successful personal growth and business development for each of us.
    PLC Market An online store based on the PLATINCOIN platform is aimed at providing real services and selling consumer goods. The company comprehensively verifies information about the seller’s identity and payments made, monitors sellers’ compliance with their obligations and the return policy.


On December 4-15, 2018, a serious update of the PLC blockchain took place, which included a large-scale modification of its architecture.

The development of the PLATINCOIN blockchain, which is a fork of Litecoin, began in October 2016. Listing of PLCs on cryptocurrency exchanges began in April 2018. A key feature that sets it apart from other blockchains is the PLC coinage technology (patent pending), integrated with a classic and reliable PoW-based consensus mechanism. That’s why PLC coins are available for mining, but the most attractive way to get new ones in PLATINCOIN is by minting.

Blockchain PLATINCOIN is a fully open peer-to-peer network with all the necessary functions for developing applications. Open source is available on Github.

A recent update covered the most important parts of the PLC technology:

  • Chasing PLC
    PLC Minting, based on PLC’s own developments, is a unique implementation of the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Chasing requires a continuous increase in production capacity, and the process is fully automated.
  • Interaction with PLC Secure Box
    PLC Secure Box is a unique device developed by Platincoin engineers. Protected CE certificate of quality, PLC Secure Box is a mini-computer that allows its owner to receive up to 10% per annum and ensures maximum security of the private key and mints. After the update, each device is directly connected to the PLATINCOIN blockchain, registered in it, transfers the wallet address and receives information about the status of the account. Based on the information provided by PLC Secure Box, interest is accrued to owners.
  • Blockchain redesign

After the upgrade, the size of the PLATINCOIN blockchain is 4 MB. New blocks appear every 1.5 minutes, and the transaction size is 300-350 bytes. So, its speed is up to 170-180 transactions per second.

The transaction speed in bitcoins is 7, in Ethereum – 20, in Dash – 48, in Litecoin – 56, in bitcoins – 60, in PayPal – 193, in Ripple – 1500, in Visa – 24,000.

In addition, the PLATINCOIN blockchain has a built-in Segwit protocol that allows you to increase the block up to 8 MB.

At the moment, the development of the project is proposed to become a minter.

Minting is a new profitable form of mining for coins. For the successful operation of Minting, you do not have to understand complex technical processes or compete with other network participants. All you need to do is rent equipment from PLATINCOIN and get and get your coins daily.

By concluding a lease with PLATINCOIN, you get dedicated equipment for minting with a unique user ID. The company will lease equipment in its data centers and make a connection to the system.

The lease is for a period of 36 months, during which minting produces you coins every day.

The power and speed of mining coins is calculated using the Max Rate indicator. Calculations are based on the current system index for the month. The extracted coins are credited to your wallet daily – once a day.

To join PlatinCoin, you need to invest at least 5 euros, but if you really want to maximize your chance to earn with PlatinCoin, you can increase this amount to 10,000 euros.

In this particular situation, by investing more and more money, you can potentially earn more throughout the compensation plan.


Have you heard the rumors that PlatinCoin is a scam?
Is PlatinCoin really a scam?

To be honest, PlatinCoin is not a scam. However, there are some things you should beware of.

PlatinCoin claims that it can generate a declared return on investment through a number of different sources of income, but the only source of income that the company currently finances is partnership investments.

Using newly invested funds to pay off your due ROI is the purest definition of a Ponzi scheme, and this is exactly what we are dealing with when it comes to PlatinCoin.

Such a scheme means that the company will be closed as soon as the investment activity ends, and as soon as it does, Reinhardt will run away with what he earned while working in his company.

We think while the project is working, it is possible to speculate on a stock exchange with a small part of the deposit … we do not recommend it for the long term

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