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Cost and payback of mining farms

Cryptocurrency mining does not cease to gain popularity among professional brokers in the financial market, as well as among ordinary Internet users. There are not a small number of ways to earn a decentralized currency, such as, for example, bitcoin, from viewing advertisements to trading on the Forex financial market. However, the most common and affordable mining tool is a mining farm, that is, earning digital currency using the processing power of a computer or video card. However, the cost of equipment is high, and the payback period of mining a farm can satisfy far from all, or even completely confuse it.

Most people who have no idea about cryptocurrency mining, but who want to try it, do not know all aspects of this process. An ordinary cheap video card or processor is unlikely to be enough to recoup electricity and time, because the earnings of a cryptocurrency will be relatively insignificant. Therefore, on the Internet for a long time there have been rumors about certain crypto farms that allow you to feel all the delights of the so-called crypto mining.

Crypto farm is a specialized cryptocurrency mining equipment that runs on high computing power. As a rule, the main component of the farm is a set of advanced graphics cards.

The main advantages of such equipment are its power and priority tasks. Connected mining equipment completely relieves the computer and its video card of heavy processes, thereby minimizing all possible loads and risks. The power of the crypto farm allows you to mine digital currency in relatively large quantities in a short time, which allows you to feel the payback of mining and profit.

The price of one crypto farm varies in different ways. However, if we consider the original system for mining with a guarantee, then the average price will be from 1000 to 8000 dollars. The determining factor in cost is power.

As for the payback of mining a farm, equipment suppliers promise it for about 1 – 1.5 years of operation, while providing the same warranty periods. That is, by purchasing a system for $ 5,000, the average annual income will be $ 3,000 – $ 5,000, which is equivalent to $ 250 – $ 415 per month, or $ 8-13 daily.

Should I buy a home crypto farm

To acquire a crypto farm, it is important to analyze all the possible factors that you will encounter. The positive aspects include the fact of earnings and its passivity. If you think about it, earning even $ 300 a month, literally doing nothing, is a dream for many. The year of such passive mining will allow you to buy a good car or rest abroad. If you have the necessary knowledge and experience, you can assemble a mining farm on your own.

Factors that increase the payback period of a mining farm

The first negative factor is the instability of the decentralized currency itself, i.e. bitcoin. Simply put, the cryptocurrency rate can change very unpredictably in the shortest possible time, it can both grow and fall sharply in price. By acquiring a crypto farm, the buyer assumes all possible risks and losses in case of a change in the value of the digital currency, without making claims to the supplier of the farm.

The second drawback is that the crypto farm is too expensive, which not everyone can afford. Some people take a loan to purchase the system, but this scenario is very dangerous and unpredictable, as there is a risk of going into minus.

Third, but not the worst – the cost of electricity for mining. The buyer should know that when earning cryptocurrency, the electric meter will spin much faster. But there is a plus in that the amount earned will be much higher than the amount in the bill for electricity. But this plus will be such only for those who live in countries where electricity is relatively cheap. In those countries where the price of electricity is very high, talking about the payback of mining farms may not be necessary at all. In any case, for starters, it’s better to calculate everything, at least on a special calculator.


Acquiring a crypto farm is a pretty serious decision that should be well thought out. To begin with, it is worth exploring all aspects of the operation of farms for cryptocurrency mining, and studying customer reviews on the Internet. With proper planning of all costs and actions, such mining can turn out to be incredibly profitable, however, even a small mistake can lead to serious losses.

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