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Detailed BeMine Review

BeMine is a young cloud mining project powered by ASIC hardware. Services include: placing a farm in a mining hotel, servicing machinery, selling mining equipment, buying / selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies, etc. The funds received can be withdrawn to a bank card or crypto wallet.

The BeMine project takes 3rd place in the general list of popular cloud mining. BeMine is a Russian mining hotel and a network of data centers. The company helps unite miners, investors and ordinary users who want to receive stable passive income. In addition to ASIC hosting, the project offers a convenient digital exchanger and legal services for the launch of ICO, E-commerce, registration of financial business.

The BeMine concept was developed by a team of blockchain specialists back in 2017. The founders decided to wait out the deep correction of Bitcoin, because of which the project was released only at the beginning of 2019. This helped the company develop – mining again became more profitable, and BeMine quickly found potential customers.

Today, in addition to the mining hotel, the company provides a convenient platform for the purchase of ASIC, as well as a service for the remote purchase of mining equipment. Cloud mining at BeMine implies that the client can purchase real farms, and the company will take care of the connection and connection. Thus, the buyer will receive passive income, giving a commission for maintenance and energy consumption to the mining hotel.

BitMain’s ASIC Antminer line, as well as Ebang Ebit and Innosilicon models, are used as workhorses for cloud mining at BeMine. The average payback of miners, taking into account the cost of maintenance, is 5-8 months.

Benefits of BeMine Service

  • In the data center you can place your equipment or purchase new mining farms;
  • The employees themselves will ensure the delivery and connection of capacities – the client will only have to pay for the consumption of electricity;
  • It is possible to purchase part of the ASIC – a quarter, a half or ¾, which allows you to start earning income by investing from 11,500 rubles;
  • BeMine offers competitive electricity tariffs and every day tries to reduce the fee for providing resources;
  • Income is accrued daily, and profits can be quickly and conveniently withdrawn to a bank card or crypto wallet in the form of a digital currency.

The company also offers a simple and reliable referral system that allows you to earn up to 7% on referred customers. To participate in the BeMine program, use the promotional code and start receiving passive income. The founders of the company themselves are engaged in mining, so they know very well how to make life easier for farm owners and increase their profits.

 Service tariffs, equipment price

The companies understand that the key to mining cryptocurrency are the cost of light. Therefore, BeMine offers a convenient all-inclusive system with a tariff of 3.5 rubles per kW of electricity. The price per kW of energy in Moscow is about 4.37-5.47 rubles. The user does not need to pay for maintenance or delivery of equipment – all expenses are included in the cost of the tariff.

BeMine offers a profitable investment in mining machines that will work for you. All equipment is “white” – new original ASICs with a guarantee are presented for sale.

There are two options for redemption: personal purchase of farms for accommodation in a hotel or cloud mining. At the same time, a partial purchase of equipment (a quarter or half) is possible only for remote production. The price of the model varies, depending on the chosen method of purchase:

  • Bitmain Antminer S91 – 46 000 p. With a full buyback or from 11 500 r. For cloud mining;
  • Bitmain Antminer T17 – 243 000 r. Or from 60 750 r. Respectively;
  • ASIC Ebang Ebit E10 – 58 000 p. Or from 14 500 r. For remote mining;
  • ASIC Innosilicon T2T – 130 000 p. Or from 32 500 r. Per purchase ¼.

The cost of models greatly depends on the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the real prices of mining equipment from BeMine may vary.

Instructions for registering and setting up account security

To buy a mining farm, you need to log in to a private club of the company. To do this, go through the registration procedure:

  • On the main site, click the ‘Join’ button. After that, go to the ‘Registration’ section, enter your e-mail and create a password. For further registration, you must accept the company policy.
  • Verify email address. To do this, open the letter that was sent to the specified e-mail. Be careful – the message may end up in the Spam folder.
  • Follow the link in the letter, and then log in to the club again. Congratulations – now you can buy mining equipment.

Important! BeMine fights against scammers and fights against illegal money laundering. To protect yourself from blocking or hacking your account, fill out additional information about yourself in the profile settings. So you can prove that you are the owner of the account.

 Payment operations on the platform

To buy your first miner in BeMine you need to replenish the balance. Go to the ‘Billing’ section and click the appropriate button. Replenishment is possible in three variations: using Bitcoin, using USD or in rubles. In the first case, you will need a valid Bitcoin wallet, and the payment itself will go through a Payeer intermediary.

Replenishment in US dollars or rubles is carried out with Visa and Mastercard credit cards or through electronic payment systems. Transactions are conducted through the banks of Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank or Russian Standard. As an online wallet, you can use WebMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, PerfectMoney.

Purchase of capacities and calculation of profitability

If you have successfully replenished your account, go to the ‘Buy ASIC’ section. There, add your favorite mining equipment to the basket and pay for it. After a successful purchase, you will receive documents for the goods, and you will start earning from $ 5 a day.

To calculate the approximate profitability, use the calculator on the main site. Here the user will be able to choose the ASIC’s model and the duration of the placement. To calculate profit from partially purchased equipment, leave the slider at the appropriate distance from the integer value (for example, 0.25, 0.50 or 0.75).

Mining Hotel BeMine gives a guarantee for all farms 1 month from the start of use. This means that you are guaranteed to be able to earn and cover part of the costs. The user can at any time sell equipment that is his property – taking into account the used condition, the price will decrease by about 10-15%.


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