Padeposters In hyps – who are they and how to calculate them


Payposters – the essence of their work

Advertising in HYIP can be different – both direct and backstage. And if you evaluate the project by reviews on forums, then it would not hurt to know that admins can influence them – this is one of the promotion tools. In this article, we will understand who the peyposters are, what their harm is and how to calculate paid commentators.

At any investment forum in the HYIP branch, there is an active unsubscribing about payments from projects. For many potential investors, this is an indicator that the project is popular and regularly pays, but often such activity is artificial.

Who writes these fake comments and praises the project in every way? Such commentators are called ‘peydpostery’ (from the English paid poster) – these are people who write comments for money. It is not known when the first peypostery appeared, but today it is a very common ‘profession’.

Paidposters are committed to creating the appearance of activity in a particular project. Moreover, the worse the hype, the more obvious the lie presented in the comments becomes. Payposters do not actually invest their money in the project – the admin draws a deposit for them. Sometimes the interest on such a contribution is the commentator’s payment. In some cases, the project organizer pays extra money to the pade – this already depends on the level and skill of the commentator.

As a rule, pays are engaged in posting payments, more verbose commentators can write voluminous posts with laudatory odes. At the same time, the postposters are not shy about twisting the facts, adding their own fantasies to the posts and portraying the hype differently from what it really is.

If you look at the work of the podposters from a moral point of view, they are an order of magnitude worse than the bloggers who take listings. If the blogger has a reputation and he will not frankly impose a completely sad hype, then I’ll go to the bulb, what they think about him and what harm he does to other participants. Modern paid commentators have tons of multi-accounts on all popular forums, and no one knows who is hiding under a particular nickname.

Definitely, peypostery is a negative phenomenon and such commentators do great harm to investors. They mislead investors and most often push hype into the masses, which do not give investors any chance of profit. Due to this, investors lose faith in projects, and the fact that comments can be bought makes them not indicative.

Why do administrators order them

The functions of the postposters are obvious and I must say that they are in steady demand among admins. First of all, managers order pads to create a positive image of the project – the illusion of solvency and interest among investors. Many investors initially take a closer look at new hyps, so pays stimulate them to deposits. In the case of overt slag, peyposters can become the main method of promotion, praising wretched hype, like a miracle of miracles.

There are other sins behind the pads. They can work in a different direction, creating a negative impact on the reputation of competing projects. If a bright hype appears in the arena, in which investors are actively going, then many admins may not be happy with their success. In the fight against such hypes, pads will help, which even the advantages of the project can turn into flaws, skillfully pouring mud on the project. In many cases, the peyposters do not have to be particularly sophisticated, it is enough for several people to write that there are no payments from the project and this may be enough to start a chain reaction and panic.

I must say right away that not only admins-scammers use the services of paceposters, but also quite working project organizers. If investors go in hype inactive, then pads can be a useful promotion tool. Just competent admins and pays are bought competently, so that no one would guess that the comments are paid.

Beginners and scammers with such delicate materials do not bother and take the cheapest commentators, who have long been assigned peyposters labels. The calculation in such cases is made for beginner investors who do not know the harsh realities of the hype industry and take any of the more experienced participants a word.

How to identify payposter

In most cases, identifying paderposts is easy:

  • The participant often enters into bad projects that quickly get stuck and praises them excessively.
  • As a rule, admins are not very generous and “draw” pads a minimum deposit. If from the start you see a dozen posts from investor-chirion-bearers, then it’s worth considering that it’s possible they are not investing their $ 10.
  • If a team of pads works, then identifying them is even easier. If one and the same company with its entire composition flashes in the same hypes, then something is not right here.
  • You can recognize the pade by reinvestment. The admin “draws” a deposit for a reason, but for the paceposts to spin it to a victorious end in the project and make posts. If a participant endlessly puts his $ 10 back, even when a scam looms on the horizon, then it’s obvious that you have a typical pade.
  • Unexpected negativity to a cool project can also be tricks of the postposters.
  • It is not so easy to determine more experienced pads, they behave competently and do not give themselves away. Often in this role are well-known investors in the industry who have a reputation, make good money, and other investors listen to their opinions. Of course, not all admins can afford to ‘buy’ such a commentator, let alone scammers. In fact, the activity of such a podposter is akin to the work of a blogger who takes listings.


The appearance of peyposters in the theme of the project is not at all evidence that the next one is in front of you. Quite adequate admins may also resort to the services of such “writers”, who believe that all means are good in promoting hype. Therefore, consider this a clear sign that it is worth going around the project, not worth it.

This article is more designed so that you understand that not everything that is written about hypes is true. Therefore, you need to be able to filter information and not rely too much on other people’s opinions. Consider them when making a deposit, but always think with your own head and make an informed decision, because you will lose hard-earned money in case of scam, not forum advisers.

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