P2P (peer-to-peer) technology what is it


 P2P (peer-to-peer) technology what is it

In this article we want to tell you what p2p is. This term is very often found in materials that are dedicated to the cryptocurrency industry. This is not strange, since this is fundamental to bitcoin.

The abbreviation P2P has 2 decodings – peer-to-peer and person-to-person. Despite the fact that the terms are different in spelling, they carry one meaning – equal to equal. This principle is the basis of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and other digital currencies

This phrase was first used back in 1984, in one of the documents of IBM, which at that time was developing the architecture of AAPN. In addition to cryptocurrencies, this technology is used in the transfer of media data, lending, search engines and file-sharing networks.

P2P is a peer-to-peer, peer-to-peer and decentralized network, the work of which is built in such a way that their participants interact directly with each other, without a central server. The schematic operation of such a network is shown in the picture below.

Networks based on a conventional model can be represented as follows.

Each peer-to-peer network member is usually called a node. We will talk about the most important areas below.

P2P lending

In 2018-19, companies that provide the possibility of p2p lending were especially popular. The chip of these companies is that they are a platform within which stakeholders are united.

Some of them play the role of a creditor secured by cryptocurrencies, while others are credited; they receive money on credit against the security of their digital assets. One such site is BITEREST.


P2P TV is a way of transmitting video information. At the moment, such technologies are used by popularity to broadcast the broadcast of phones on the Internet. You can meet how this method of translation is called torrent-tv.

The advantage of these applications is significant because they can make any television channel globally accessible by any individual who streams to the network, where each peer channel joining to watch the video is a relay for other peer viewers, providing scalable distribution among a large audience without additional Source costs.

At the moment, there are versions of p2p tv for windows and android, developed by Google, Samsung and other companies.

P2P in file-sharing networks

The most striking example in this category will be Torrent, which was acquired by TRON last year. The BitTorrent product is a network protocol within which files are exchanged between participants connected to the platform.

The platform does not store files transferred on the network, but only brings together parties that independently transfer files.


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