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OXBTC is a cloud mining platform. The owner of the site is HalleyCloud Technology Ltd, which also has the halleybtc.com platform, ZeusHash miner (now closed), etc. The site itself is available in Chinese and English, and the English version is incomplete.

 Benefits of OXbtc Cloud Mining

  • Constantly updated and improved calculation algorithms that reduce energy consumption and maintenance fees, thereby increasing the return on investment. This, along with the minimum electricity tariffs, enables the Oxbtc service to offer its customers the most profitable mining contracts.
  • Own capacity exchange. On it, you can trade mining capacities rented from Oxbtc with other users. Unfortunately, at the moment, it does not work on an ongoing basis.
  • The presence of Bitcoin deposits, a large selection of contracts, instant withdrawals, round-the-clock online monitoring, etc.

The Oxbtc cloud mining service has certain disadvantages. These include: a limited selection of means of payment (only BTC and LTC), an incomplete English version of the site.

Earnings on cloud mining Oxbtc

Cloud mining Oxbtc is a rental service for specialized equipment and software for cryptocurrency mining. The company’s data centers are located in Sichuan and Inner Mongolia. That is, the client does not need to assemble the farm and install the software for work, it is enough just to rent them abroad.

The profitability of Oxbtc cloud mining is determined by how many coins of a particular currency were mined during the duration of the contract and their total market value. The extracted cryptocurrency is sent to the internal account of the site and can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet at any time or allowed to purchase a new contract.

It is worth considering that the complexity and resource consumption of calculations is gradually growing, respectively, and for mining, more and more power is required. On the other hand, equipment productivity is constantly growing and algorithms are being improved, which allows us to carry out calculations faster and reduce energy consumption. In addition, most cryptocurrencies have a constant upward trend.

Popular Oxbtc mining contracts (at the end of 2017):

  • GHS-S9. Price for THS: $ 227. Electricity Fee: $ 0.164 / THS / per day. Management and maintenance fee: 5% of the amount of profit. Estimated income: 0.00015806 BTC / THS / per day.
  • ETH-B3 + (for three years). Price for MHS: $ 15. Electricity Fee: $ 0.0151 / MHS / Per Day. Management and maintenance fee: 5% of the amount of profit. Estimated income: 0.00016042 ETH / MHS / per day.

Payback periods directly depend on the terms of the contract and the rate of mined coins. On average, they range from 2 to 12 months.

How to use the OXbtc cloud mining service

Important information! To receive payments from this service, you must connect the Google authentication system to it. To do this, you need to install the Google Authenticator program on your tablet or smartphone running on the Android, iOS or BlackBerry OS operating system. This item is available in the ‘Setting’ menu after registration in the system.

Check in:
1. Go to the website and click the “Register” button. Change the language in the upper right corner.

2. Fill in all the fields in the registration form: login, email address and its confirmation, password and captcha. Check the box to agree to the terms of use of the service and click the ‘Register’ button.

3. Go to the e-mail specified during registration, and follow the link to verify the mail.

4. On the main page of the site, log in to your account (you must enter a username / password).

Deposit / withdrawal of funds in the cloud mining system OXBTC

To replenish / withdraw funds, use the “Account” menu tab. To withdraw the extracted coins, it is necessary to set an additional password to withdraw funds from the system. Click “Withdraw”, then in the window that opens, click the inscription “Go to set”. You will see a window in which you need to enter a new password (it is impossible that it matches the password for entering the system).

Tariffs for Oxbtc mining are purchased in the “CloudHash-HashStore” window. Here you can choose the most favorable tariff, see the conditions for its use and make a purchase.

 In conclusion about the Oxbtc service

This site is characterized by affordable tariffs and transparent contract terms. The company’s productive data center allows you to profitably rent capacities in a wide range. According to users, if you follow the rules of the service, then payments occur almost instantly. The main disadvantages of this service are not very efficient technical support and frankly poor usability of the site.

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