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ZB.COM cryptocurrency exchange

The zb.com exchange is a Chinese cryptocurrency trading platform created in 2017. Despite the ban on ICOs and everything related to cryptocurrencies in China, the developers of the project were not afraid and created a very interesting exchange. To do this, they bought the zb.com domain, which was registered back in 1995, wrote a program code that would satisfy all the needs of cryptotraders and launched a cryptocurrency exchange. The official website of the project has several language interfaces, but there is no Russian among them, so you will have to be content with English. If you don’t know English, then don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get to the main sections and exchanges, and how to open transactions for buying or selling digital currencies. At the moment, a list of over 250 trading pairs has been added to zb.com.

Register on ZB.com

To open an account on the Chinese crypto-exchange, you need to fill out a short form. Enter your e-mail, create a password and, if desired, mark the referral ID. After that, read and agree to the terms of the public offer (which is presented in English). Next, the user needs to wait for the letter that will arrive at the specified email address, and then confirm the registration.


Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading assets on ZB.com are divided into several categories, depending on the quote currency: QC, USDT, BTC and AED.

In total, several dozen cryptocurrency pairs are available. Trading is carried out only in digital coins, formally, the Chinese yuan is not supported, although trading volumes are indicated in it. Two platforms are provided for transactions on the ZB.com cryptocurrency exchange. The first, simple version, makes it possible to establish a buy / sell order or make a deal at the market price. The user sees the current application and can quickly assess the benefits of the transaction.

The second version of the platform is advanced, and is suitable for experienced traders. Here, for analysis, a price chart of each of the assets is provided, as well as various elements of technical analysis: indicators, lines and other graphical constructions.

The creators of the crypto exchange service clearly intended to realize the possibility of trading with leverage (the corresponding button is in the top menu), however, at the moment this function is not available.

Trading commissions are low relative to market leaders: from 0.2% for transactions with a minimum volume of the lowest liquid instruments. For market makers, a reduced fee is provided, up to zero.

Users can make their first deposit without any commission, and start trading with the amount by which they replenish the account. There are no restrictions on the minimum deposit on the site, so we can conclude that you can start trading even with an amount equivalent to $ 5-10. The withdrawal fee is 0.0001 BTC; 0.005 LTC; 0.01 ETH.


Advantages and disadvantages of ZB.com

The cryptocurrency exchange ZB.com is still quite “young”, not all of the planned services are implemented on it, and it is still difficult to give a full assessment of it. However, now you can identify some of the advantages and disadvantages of the trading platform that will help make decisions for potential customers of the crypto exchange.


The main advantages of the cryptocurrency exchange are the small trading commissions mentioned above, close to zero, the ability to replenish the deposit for free, as well as a large selection of trading assets and the ability to trade them professionally using the tools of an advanced trading platform. Other Forex brokers and the stock market will envy the terminal’s functionality.


Among the shortcomings, it is possible to note the impossibility of trading in pairs with fiat currency with at least the same yuan and dollar. The exchange of fiat for cryptocurrency is implemented through the C2C service, which reminds users of the P2P model. There is an exchange of money, bypassing exchange trading, through a third-party application. It turns out quite inconvenient, although, formally, the opportunity is present.



The cryptocurrency exchange now seems to be a good platform for trading, thanks to low fees and wide functionality for trading. Offshore registration may scare away some newbies, but are unlikely to be a problem for advanced users. And after deferred services, such as leverage, are implemented and the list of assets is expanded, the exchange will become one of the most attractive in the Chinese region.

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