Overview of the PushProfit ad network. We use the service to monetize the site


Features of PushProfit

The service was created in 2018 and is currently at the stage of a working startup. Push notifications are a new word in internet marketing. Their CTR and views are far ahead of the statistics of mailing lists, advertising on social networks. That is why PushProfit created an advertising network that promotes the materials of its customers using push notifications. The coverage of such an advertising network is greater than that of the teaser network, but it was necessary to spend heavily on development only at the beginning. The services of the service are promoted mainly through advertisements on the searchengines forum and review articles on webmasters sites.

This push newsletter operator is an ad network. Site administrators can monetize them by showing push push advertisements using PushProfit. The principle of operation is similar to teaser networks, only in this case advertising is promoted not by banners, but by messages directly to the user’s desktop.

By connecting your web resource to PushProfit and constantly catching up on fresh traffic, you can gain a subscriber base. The larger the base, the greater the profit it brings. This method of advertising is much more effective than e-mail marketing and SMM, since a user needs to make 1 click to subscribe. You can also view the notification of interest by 1 click. No need to log in to your account, browse your inbox and look for interesting ones.

What is the feature of the service

The PushProfit network differs from its competitors in the following parameters:

  • High payment for 1000 notifications – about 40 rubles.
  • Filtering advertisers and, as a result, a low percentage of unsubscriptions.
  • A wide variety of forms of subscriptions. You can insert your image.
  • Automatic mailing 3 times a day.
  • Responsive tech support by telegram and mail.
  • Sometimes webinars are held for beginners.

The service is actively developing and is trying to quickly respond to customer wishes, eliminate bugs. Many popular services over time reduce their standards. While PushProfut is trying to earn a name for itself, the quality of services will definitely remain at a decent level.

Who is he suitable for

First of all, the advertising network is suitable for site administrators, webmasters, door-keepers, arbitrageurs. All owners of untwisted web resources who do not want to monetize their traffic on their own can become PushProfit clients.

Despite the fact that the service has the ability to independently send push messages to its subscribers, you should not use it as a communication channel. If you don’t need to sell ads on your site, then to implement push messages, select another service. An ad network is not good for this.

How to connect

You can connect by following this sequence:

  1. Register on the site.
  2. Immediately we get into your personal account and click “Add Site”.
  3. We enter the necessary data, choose the level of monetization (from easy to the most merciless).
  4. Add a site icon 200×200 in size.
  5. Standard confirmation of rights to a web resource: you need to download the generated files and upload them to the root of the site.
  6. After passing the test, you will be able to set up subscriptions and manage monetization.
    The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes.

Tariffs for use

The advertising network pays a reward for clicks on push messages, depending on the cost of the advertisement, the number of clicks and some side factors.

According to the developers, the possible income depends on the theme of the site, its quality, age of subscribers.

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