Overview of the PushGuru ad network: push newsletters as a tool for site monetization


PushGuru Ad Network Overview

PushGuru is a young service that was supposedly created in 2017-2018. At the moment, the main goal of the advertising network, according to employees, is to recruit arbitrageurs, webmasters and door-keepers. In parallel with the recruitment of the client base, the technical department is working on fixing bugs and expanding the service tools. In view of the recent market launch, this Web Push Notification monetization ad network cannot compete with the leaders. He is trying to take his market share through various financial bonuses for new customers. Service can be characterized simply – a dark horse.

What does the push list operator offer

The push newsletter operator offers a service for sending push notifications to customer sites. They can be used both for publishing news and for direct advertising of goods and services.

The advantage of such an advertising channel is the instant display of an advertisement on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Unlike e-mails, you don’t have to wait until the user enters the mailbox, becomes interested in the header, opens and reads the letter, and clicks on the link. According to statistics, 80% of push messages are viewed by users. If your offer is really profitable, then they will definitely click on the link.

What is the feature of the service

Unlike the classic push notification operator, PushGuru is an ad network. It connects site administrators who want to earn money with online stores and organizations who want to advertise a product or service. The former profitably monetize their sites and traffic, the latter receive subscribers and customers on favorable terms.

Subscriptions via push occur in 1 click, unlike long multi-step subscriptions to mailing lists. The service has a wide selection of topics on which you can recruit subscribers, promote products and services.

 Who is he suitable for

The affiliate network is suitable for two types of customers: owners of sites for monetization and organizations for the rapid generation of traffic. The first type includes: webmasters, arbitrageurs, bloggers. The second includes online stores, information business, online media, beauty salons, fitness centers, boutiques, mobile applications, blockchain platforms, dating sites, playgrounds, medical web resources.

How to connect

To purchase impressions, simply register on the site and replenish your account with a minimum amount of $ 25. You can pay in any currency up to bitcoins. An advertising campaign tool will be available immediately.

In the settings you will need to determine the topics of the future newsletter, cost per click, country of display, targeting by city, platform and browser. You do not need to possess any superpowers and secret knowledge for tuning, so we will not linger on this moment.

Now you can add ads to the procurement campaign and send them to rotation.

For the announcement, you will need to prepare the icon 192×192 and the main image 492×328. The text heading holds 30 characters, the ad itself is 40 characters.

Tariffs for use

As such, there is no tariff line in the advertising network. Here, as in regular contextual advertising, the exchange law reigns – whoever paid the most received the most impressions. Constant monitoring and balancing the cost of a click allows you to have a large number of impressions at an affordable price.

The number and cost of clicks will depend on the choice of delivery strategy. If you yourself are poorly versed in this type of advertising, then it is better to hire a specialist. A freelancer hired once will do. At least he will set up your first campaign and explain on the fingers what’s what. Further, you will already be able to make up TK with great understanding, or adjust your bids per click in each category.

If you do not want to hire anyone, then you can try contacting the technical support of the service. They will have to provide some basic instructions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Based on the reviews on the network, lists of advantages and disadvantages are compiled.


  • When creating an advertising campaign, you can specify when to send a message: morning, afternoon or evening. You can also specify the days for mailing.
  • Cashback 7% for advertisers.
  • Areas allowed without ssl certificates.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5.
  • The system redeems subscriptions. If the webmaster has a resource with a solvent adult audience, then the price can be discussed with the system manager.
  • It works on all popular operating systems, desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Detailed statistics. Information on unsubscribing for the control period is especially interesting.


  • You can be banned at any time on suspicion of cheating.
  • The system is not suitable for selling its goods and services on its own web resource. You must either show someone else’s ads on your site, or buy ads on someone else’s sites.

User reviews

Unfortunately, there are no reviews on this affiliate network on the Internet. From the open discussion of the service, only the thread on the Searchengines forum is available, but it is also impossible to find any detailed feedback on cooperation there. Most likely, this is due to the youth of the company and more or less normal work. With poor functioning and a large number of problems, even about young affiliate networks, you can usually find negative reviews.

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