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DatsPush Ad Network Overview

Recently, such an advertising format as PUSH notifications has become very popular on the Internet. These are pop-ups on the screens of phones and tablets, and PC monitors. Many arbitrageurs actively use it to earn money. Now I’ll tell you about the popular DatsPush push traffic service.

To begin with, I note that the DatsPush network implements three types of ad display:

  • Mobile push – mailings to the mobile platforms of the android system.
  • WEB push – mailing on a PC.
  • Rich push – display a widescreen image.

Also, a huge selection of targeting settings cannot but please. You can choose a display device for notifications, a mobile operator, geolocation (not only countries but also cities), and the target audience. The scope for choosing the optimal ligament is very large.

The principle of the system is to pay one click for your notification, it differs for different geos (from $ 0.0009 to $ 0.2 per click). In the ‘Bids’ section you can see the current prices at the moment.

To start creating an advertising company, you need to register on the DatsPush website, select the section who you are (webmaster or advertiser), choose the company’s settings and go on to make money. The interface is quite simple and intuitive.

Ad moderation is very loyal, skips a lot, except for images and goods that violate the laws.

Advantages for Advertisers

  • 95,000,000+ views on the Daily! Growing every day
  • Coverage of over 200 Geo
  • Lack of competition for delicious geo
  • Payment by CPC model
  • A fresh, well-converting base that is updated and expanded daily
  • Device, browser, city, country and IP targeting
  • Ability to manage your mailings yourself using Frequency and Capping
  • 80% mobile / 20% desktop M / F – 75/25%
  • Top-ups are accepted in WMZ, ePayments, Paypal.
  • Moderation of your creatives 24/7 and adequate support in Telegram and Skype
  • Bonus + 20% on the first deposit from $ 100; to activate, write to support.

Pros for Webmasters

  • Many thematic landing pages with CR up to 15%
  • We accept absolutely all Geo
  • We accept both http and https sites
  • Simple script setup
  • Payment by CPA or RevShare (We pay from 75% of each click made by your subscriber)
  • Stable payout net7
  • Trust offices ready to pay prepay for traffic
  • Individual conditions for webmasters with their sites and for large volumes of traffic
  • Clear and convenient real-time statistics
  • Cast On Push – The Best Way To Monetize Wi-Fi Traffic Popunder

In general, if you have not worked with push notifications yet, I advise you to try testing this option of arbitration through DatsPush. The results may surprise you.

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