Overview of the new Sun Mining cloud mining service


Sun Mining: an overview of technology, advantages and disadvantages of the service

Cloud mining is a service that leases its own computer power. They are used to earn rewards for cryptocurrency mining. Maintenance and equipment management is carried out by the company lessor. Favorable conditions for investors are due to the advantageous location of data centers in places with cheap electricity, as well as wholesale prices for the purchase of equipment.

The Australian company Sun Mining, headquartered in Sydney, began operations in 2015. It offers rental equipment for cloud mining of various digital coins. The service offers favorable conditions for both novice and experienced investors who understand the nuances of cryptocurrency mining.

Sun Mining provides power to its data center with the help of solar panels, and modern algorithms and the latest equipment are used for optimal functioning.

The attractiveness of the project is due to several factors:

  • A minimum contract of $ 5, this makes it possible to get acquainted with the functioning of the service and check the performance;
  • Withdrawal of funds is not limited to the minimum amount;
  • Return on investment is about 200% per year;
  • Mining temporary stop function;
  • High-quality website with a clear interface;
  • Operational support service.

Negative factors:

  • There is no exact information about the company team;
  • Two-level referral program that can negatively affect the financial picture of the service;
  • The lack of a service charge raises some doubts.

Equipment provided in the service

The Sun Mining cloud mining platform allows you to rent almost any number of capacities. According to the workers, the data center uses equipment from leading companies:

  • Nvidia;
  • Spondoolies;
  • Bitmain
  • Bitfury;
  • AMD

Own developments in the field of mining are also used. The company’s staff focuses on the use of environmentally friendly renewable solar energy.

What coins are available for mining

The service offers rental equipment for mining leading digital coins:

  • Bitcoin
  • Lightcoin;
  • Ethereum
  • DASH

Sun Mining contracts are concluded for a period of 12 to 24 months and are aimed at investors interested in mining without the cost of acquiring, setting up and maintaining equipment.

Getting started in the service

To start working in the service you need to go through a simple registration. After that, you need to choose the currency, capacity and terms of rental equipment. These simple steps will not cause difficulty for beginners in mining. The platform interface is made intuitive and there will be no difficulties.

Cloud mining fixed plans

Sun Mining offers its customers tariff packages with a fixed hashrate and value. The minimum package for mining bitcoin costs $ 18, income 10% per month.

It is worth noting the absence of hidden fees, and the ability to temporarily suspend the contract. This makes it possible to wait for the cryptocurrency rate to drop and resume work when favorable conditions occur.

The resulting mining income can be reinvested in new capacities. This allows you to save on commissions and quickly reach a high monthly income.

Sun Mining Profitability and Return on Investment

The average monthly income depends on several factors:

  1. The amount of remuneration for the block found, the value may vary;
  2. The complexity of the network, Bitcoin is recounted every 2 weeks;
  3. Cryptocurrency rate.

You can calculate the level of income and payback in the Sun Mining service using an online calculator, for example coinwarz.com.

Withdraw funds received

Payments occur once a day. There is no minimum withdrawal amount, but a fairly high commission is designed to deter users from withdrawing small amounts. This approach reduces the burden on the financial department of the company and positively affects the speed of processing applications.

The fee is independent of the amount and amounts to: 0.01 Dash, 0.01 LTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.001 BTC.

Referral Program Terms

For attracting new customers through its referral link, Sun Mining provides additional capacity. The size depends on the selected service package:

  • Package ‘Standard’. It is activated upon the purchase of any power. The reward from the acquired power of the first level referral will be 10% and 5% of the capacity of its attracted customers.
  • Package ‘Freedom’. To activate, you must purchase power in excess of $ 10,000. The reward from the acquired power of the first level referral will be 20% and 10% of the capacity of its attracted customers.

Important! A referral is a user who came to the site through an affiliate link no earlier than 14 days ago.


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