Overview of the cloud mining service Vozex


What is Vozex. Overview of the cloud mining service Vozex

Vozex Mining is a Chinese cloud mining professional company. The project is at the start of development. In the near future, registration in Hong Kong, which promises great variability in the conclusion of contracts.

Today, only Bitcoin is available for mining, under 5 contracts with different capacities and costs.

The cheapest contract will cost a little more than $ 24, its estimated payback is 412 days.

A distinctive advantage of the service was the opportunity to monitor the operation of farm equipment online.

Vozex is a cloud mining provider with official registration in Hong Kong, China. The company positions itself as an open and transparent provider, providing access to cameras in mining premises in real time 24/7.

Vorex offers perpetual contracts (the contract is valid until economically viable).

The minimum for depositing / withdrawing funds is 0.001 / 0.002 BTC.

In addition, users have the opportunity to participate in an affiliate program, which brings 5% of capacity sales.

Check in

The registration process is quite simple. It is necessary to fill in the required fields, indicating the username and e-mail, set a password and confirm it.

Additional fields are optional, but Vozex strongly recommends completing this information as well.

Your data remains confidential and protected from disclosure.

Particular attention should be paid to the additional protection of your account, the PIN-code function, which is issued to each user at the time of registration. This is a secret combination that should be recorded and remembered since the PIN-code will help to restore access to your account in case you forget the password and are necessary when transferring funds to your personal wallet.


Before you start making money with Vozex, you need to take two more steps: make a deposit and buy GH / s capacity.

In order to make a deposit, you need to click the ‘Replenish’ button.

A separate wallet is created for each account, to which you need to send your funds.

No one will be able to find out the address of this wallet if you yourself do not tell it to third parties.

Replenishment of your balance is possible only in Bitcoin currency. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC. Money is credited to the account after the transaction collects 3 confirmations on the Bitcoin blockchain. Please note that after the purchase of capacities, the funds that you spend on the purchase are debited from your account.

Power purchase

To buy power, go to the ‘Buy’ section. This section shows the price for 1 GH / s in both dollars and Bitcoin.

To buy the required amount of power, enter the amount in BTC that you are going to spend on the purchase.

The number of received GH / s field will be filled automatically after filling in the previous field.

GH / s purchase history is displayed in the same section. GH / s start working automatically after purchase. Coins obtained using purchased GH / s are credited once every 24 hours.

Withdraw funds

To withdraw earned funds, you must go to the ‘Withdrawal’ section.

Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0014 BTC.

The commission of the network at the withdrawal is paid at the expense of the user.

Money is credited after the financial transaction receives 3 confirmations in the Blockchain network.


One of the distinguishing features is the round-the-clock online broadcast of the cryptocurrency mining process, from the mining farm owned by Vozex.

The equipment is under the supervision of staff.

The user at any time can see what is happening on the farm and monitor the Bitcoin mining process.

The project has a loyal system to attract partners. You get 5% of the purchase amount when the user you attract makes the purchase of GH / s. Due to changes in the affiliate program, Vozex partners can receive up to 10% of referral rewards. However, for this it is necessary to apply for cooperation with company representatives and obtain the status of a representative.

Frequent promotions and special offers allow you to choose the right moment to increase the amount of purchased power.

By the way, the power purchased from Vozex is acquired for an unlimited period.

Why choose Vozex

Vozex stands out among its competitors by its transparency and user-friendly interface.

In order to start working with this service, you do not need to calculate the rationality of a particular purchase for a long time, calculate profitability and understand the intricacies of the site.

You can always find out what is with your equipment and withdraw earned money at any convenient time. In addition, the profitability of equipment significantly exceeds the capabilities of competitors.


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