Overview of the cloud mining service HASH-MINER


HASH-MINER Service Overview

You can get cryptocurrency not only by investing fiat funds, but also absolutely free of charge by organizing the mining of altcoins by using the capacities of your own computer software. There are several types of mining organization. The first is when you buy, configure and use the equipment yourself, the second is cloud mining, which does not require any of the above, since all this is done by a third-party organization.

And this is not the only advantage of the second method. Cloud mining has the following advantages:

  • Lack of noise and heat in your home;
  • Low entry threshold to start;
  • No special knowledge required;
  • No need for constant control over the operation of the equipment;
  • Good profitability, since usually farms are located in areas where there is access to cheap electricity.

It performs the functions of cloud mining on GPUs and Asic devices. The advantages of this project are as follows:

  • It is located in Ukraine, which automatically means a low cost of electricity and a correspondingly higher profitability.
  • Receiving the first payment is possible the next day.
  • Lack of temporary contracts (by investing once, the user will receive dividends until the equipment breaks down or, due to the increased complexity of calculations, mining becomes economically impractical).

The last point can be supplemented by the fact that the HASH-MINER team is obliged to monitor and carry out farm maintenance in order to extend

Service life, as well as selling obsolete equipment over time, and in exchange for the money to acquire new ones. At the same time, warranty service is 6 months for icebergs and 24 months for video cards. In the future, the growth in the value of cryptocurrencies is possible, which will allow you to get additional profit on the extracted altcoins.

 How to start mining coins

To start cloud mining, you need to go to the platform website https://finrivers.com and go through a simple registration (all financial services of the service are carried out only through it). The site does not charge a commission for topping up an account, but takes 1% for withdrawing funds.

You can get the funds you have earned using Bitcoin or Lightcoin wallet, in Payeer and Perfect money payment systems, WEX code, on EXMO.com and YObit.net exchanges, using the AdvCash.com service. The minimum threshold for payments is only 5 US dollars (for Litecoin $ 10, for Bitcoin $ 20).

It is also worth considering that in addition, the payment systems that you use charge their commission in the amount of:

  • 0,0005 BTC;
  • 0.001 LTC;
  • 0.95% of the amount in Payeer;
  • 0% for ADVcash;
  • 0% for Wex codes;
  • 0% for Exmo;
  • 0% for YObit;
  • 2% when transferring through Perfect Money.

What coins can be mined using HASH-MINER

The service allows you to receive such cryptocurrencies (the minimum withdrawal is indicated):

  • Litecoin – 0.014;
  • Bitcoin – 0.0015;
  • Dogecoin – 400;
  • Dash – 0.003;
  • Blackcoin – 5;
  • Ethereum – 0.024;
  • Namecoin – 0.8.

The earning rate is directly proportional to the amount that the user contributed. The higher it is, the more coins you can get.

All computing power is divided into shares with a certain value, and the payment of fees is made depending on their number. The investor is offered two areas of investment.

The first one is HASHMINER ASIC. It implies the use of Ebit E9 Plus and Bitmain Antminer s9 miners (the hash rate is 9TH / s and 13TH / s for power consumption of 1305W and 1450W, respectively). The algorithm of both devices is SHA-256, which means the possibility of mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Syscoin, DigiByte, Auroracoin and many other cryptocurrencies. One share costs $ 1. The expected profit is 7% per month. However, due to a decrease in the price of Bitcoin, special measures have recently been introduced, which boil down to the following:

  • Daily amount of electricity is calculated from the mine;
  • Then 30% is paid to the company for management;
  • The remainder is divided in half, 50% is paid immediately, the rest are waiting for the price of the first cryptocurrency to reach 11,000 dollars.

The percentage of affiliate payments is 1%.

 The second direction is the HASHMINER GPU. Mining is carried out on video cards;

  • Sapphire (MSI) R9 390;
  • Sapphire RX 480;
  • Sapphire (MSI) RX 470;
  • Asus RX 570, XFX RX 580.

It is extracted in this way the most profitable coin at the moment – Ethereum. Estimated profit is 6% per month. The amount of affiliate deductions is 1%. Similar anti-crisis measures were also introduced for this project, except that 10% is calculated for the service, and half of the funds are credited to the user’s account when the price of airtime reaches $ 850.

HASH-MINER is a service for cloud mining, which has won the trust of users and allows you to earn up to 3.5% of invested funds every day. It is easy to use and has a convenient interface. Suitable for both experienced miners and professionals in this matter.


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