Overview of Bitmain.store – a service for cloud mining


Bitmain.store – cloud mining

Cryptocurrency can be obtained in several ways, the most common ones are buying on cryptocurrency exchanges, registering and working on crane sites and mining.

The last method will be discussed in this article.

Mining can be direct or cloud

  • In the first case, the user buys power himself and connects them to his PC.
  • In the second, it takes virtual capacities for rent and, after proper adjustment, makes money on them.

In 2018, the Bitmain.store resource appeared, which offers its customers either to buy real computers, or to use the rental of capacities from the data center.

What is Bitmain.store

Cloud mining resources usually offer their customers to use a capacity lease agreement for specific periods.

However, this service was an exception – capacities are offered for rent for an unlimited period.

Actually, this is a Russian company, which was founded in Novosibirsk in 2018, and now has been successfully operating for more than 1.5 years.

It is interesting that the company’s product is not only the provision of mining facilities for rent, but also the real sale of computers.

Among the assortment of the company there are products for mining bitcoins, and for other altcoins. You can use the clusters, or the capacities of your own data center of the company.

The Yandex.Money application acts as a guarantor of the resource’s activity. For example, you order an ASIC computer, and agree that it will be delivered to you within 10 days.

If the obligations were not fulfilled, for example – the company was unable to meet the deadlines or delivered not quite what is needed, your money is returned to you, it is transferred by the poison.

We also note that the service offers quite favorable conditions for cooperation, it is difficult for them to find worthy competitors in the region and in general in the network

  • The organization offers electricity for miners at a price of 5.5 rubles, which is very attractive.
  • After ordering certain clusters to your home or to a specific place, you don’t have to deal with the connection of capacities on your own – all the work will be done by the company’s specialists, absolutely free of charge.
  • You can try mining in light mode. That is, you should contact the company with a request to provide a trial cluster. It costs 4,000 rubles. Through its use, you can assess the general prospects of mining and its capabilities.

The site also provides a referral program, configured good technical support. You can ask questions to employees at any time of the day.

Also, you can always view news and current notices in the official groups of the company in Telegram and in VK.

It is important to consider that the resource offers computer capacities for a perpetual lease. That is, the contract will not end after a certain time.

Terms of use with Bitmain.store

The team offers miners to earn in the following ways

  • Through the purchase of clusters. In fact, it is proposed to buy virtual power or real computing machines that should be profitable. Clusters can be different, for the extraction of completely different cryptocurrencies, but in general they are reliable. The site also provides a calculator by which you can calculate the potential profit from the clusters. The program also calculates how much investment will be required in order to get this or that profit.
  • Through the acquisition of hold packages. So, the resource offers to purchase various packages that will allow you to receive a fixed profit. Different options imply different conditions of use, in general, 4 tariff options are presented. The minimum threshold for entry will be 100,000 rubles, the maximum – from 5 million rubles. You can receive dividends on a monthly basis, but the cheapest packages involve making a profit in at least 1 year.

You also need to know that the resource offers 8 ways to earn money, round-the-clock support and guarantees.

The resource frankly states that they earn not only through mining, but also through trading.

Is Bitmain.store Safe

One can argue about security issues for a long time, but without facts it will lead to nothing.

We give the most doubtful factors that have caught our attention.

  1. Warranty. As you know, only fraudsters can guarantee profitability and profitability in trading and mining. Here it is impossible to accurately predict the income, since the cryptocurrency itself is very volatile. Tomorrow, Bitcoin can drop from $ 10,000 to $ 500, and you can’t blame anyone. It turns out that in this situation, the miners will suffer losses. What guarantees can be?
  2. The cheapest holdings assume the accrual of profit only after a year. That is, for as long as 12 months, the miner will not receive anything at all. Where are the guarantees that after a year the service will not be closed?
  3. Insurance. Such services can only be provided by insurance companies that have received appropriate licenses for their activities. Insurance from the service have no value, respectively, cause certain suspicions.

Reviews on Bitmain.store

In general, reviews about the resource are positive, users note that the site is working as it should. Also, reviews of Bitmain.store confirm that technical support is really presented at the proper level.

They are ready to advise beginners and experienced miners, and these consultations testify to their awareness.


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